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FNTSY Cup and High Stakes Winner Shares Fantasy Tips and Insights


Late last summer, at Monmouth Park Racetrack, a very impressive crew of Fantasy experts, celebrities and proven high-level players gathered for the first-ever FNTSY Cup, a premier Fantasy Football showcase league launched by the Fantasy Sports Network (FNTSY). Featuring prominent names such as NFL Hall of Famer Chris Doleman, former New York Jets WR Wayne Chrebet, DFS standouts Michael Leone and “Tommy G”, and experts such as Adam Ronis and David Gonos, plus high stakes star Chris Vaccaro, the field of participants was a diverse and formidable one.

When it was all over, though, as he had done in many major competitions before, Glenn Lowy of Farmingdale, Long Island, had climbed above the rest to claim the championship. Recently during Super Bowl week on the RotoExperts in the Morning on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio and FNTSY, he was presented with the first ever FNTSY Cup trophy.

Lowy is one of the most successful high stakes Fantasy players in the industry, having won the Fantasy Football World Championships (FFWC) and the Fantasy Football Players Championship (FFPC) High Society League. He is ranked among the top high stakes players in the world. Yet he said while winning a lot of money is obviously great, he wanted to test himself against a unique mix of experts, celebrities and other notable competitors.

“I thought it would be a lot of fun going up against writers I read and listened to on the radio,” Lowy said. “I said to myself it was another challenge to face, and it’s not always about the money for me. I do it for the fun and passion of the Fantasy game.”

Lowy said while he is always confident in any Fantasy league, this was uncharted territory for him because he did not know what to expect from the other expert players in the league because there was such a blend of dynamic and diverse participants. He also had a lot of respect for the proven media personalties in the league.

“I love trash talk,” Lowy said. “But just because I have had a lot of success in high stakes doesn’t mean I was not thinking that a lot of the experts in the league, who I had read and listened to, were not great players themselves. When you have high stakes players vs. experts, it’s a special challenge, but I thought I had a good shot. Luckily, and happily, I had a chance to prove myself.”

WATCH: Glenn Lowy FNTSY Cup presentation and strategy discussion

Despite all of his high stakes success, Lowy is no Cam Newton of the Fantasy world. He’s not going to flash a Superman shirt to the FNTSY cameras when he wins. Lowy is a likable, low-key fellow with a simple, yet tremendously effective approach. There is no glitz, no glamour, just the approach to getting the best players available on draft day and deftly working the waiver wire. It all sounds cliché, but he makes it work so well.

Lowy took Calvin Johnson and Randall Cobb to start his FNTSY Cup draft and went with Ameer Abdullah in the fourth round. Early in the season, it appeared his customary approach to getting the best available players regardless of position had not worked out well. “You try to set a foundation on draft day in the earlier rounds, but it does not always work out,” he said.

Lowy likes to take upside performers in the middle and later rounds, and that is where he may have not only saved, but boosted his season. He nabbed Todd Gurley in the fifth round and DeVonta Freeman in the eighth. Then he worked the waiver wire like a magician. In a league with a 100 dollar FAAB budget, he acquired Dion Lewis in mid-September for 17 dollars and added Michael Floyd, Matthew Stafford and Zach Ertz all for less than five dollars later in the season.

“Lewis carried me until Gurley got going,” Lowy said. “I was a big believer in Floyd and thought he was enormously undervalued. Ertz was a big player for me late in the season, as my third round pick, Travis Kelce, was not giving me the breakout type numbers I wanted and expected. Stafford really put it all together in the later weeks of the season.”

Lowy still lost two of his final three games, including the regular season finale, when Lisa Ann beat him by more than 60 points. “Early on I was very good, then my team faded a bit at the end,” he said of the regular season. Yet he remained committed to his approach that had led to big victories before, After finishing the season at 8-5, he believed that having a solid roster with little weaknesses could carry him through the playoffs.

“I stay consistent with my core beliefs,” he said. “It’s all about sound team construction and managing FAAB week to week, and having as few holes as possible. If you fill your holes consistently, that is what it is all about.”

The classic Lowy team is not necessarily bursting with superstars, but rarely will you find a glaring weakness. With Stafford and Ertz surging, a tremendous RB combo in Gurley and Freeman, and Calvin Johnson and Floyd leading a deep WR crew, he won three consecutive playoff games to claim the FNTSY Cup. He beat pro wrestler Eric Young by less than 10 points in the opening round, took out Brandon Marianne Lee by less than 15 the next week, and saved his best performance for the Super Bowl. He received 13 points from his RB combo and over 44 from the duo of Stafford and Johnson to beat Scott Engel and Adam Ronis 153.14 to 132 for the first FNTSY Cup title.

He then received the FNTSY Cup on FNTSY and SiriusXM from Engel and FNTSY’s Nando Di Fino. The best moment, he said, was when he brought the trophy home to his family. His eight year old son Joseph, and his twin daughters, Sophia and Brooke, were most impressed by his new, shiny prize.

“They said, ‘Wow daddy, what is that for?’” Lowy said he wants it to be one of many more trophies he shares with the family. He said he hopes Joseph, who already loves sports, will become his future Fantasy partner.

We’re sure Joseph Lowy is already learning to “fill the holes” on a Fantasy roster.

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