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FEB 13/19

  • Wednesday, February 13th, 2019: Antonio Brown, NFL Draft & Free Agency, Matt Kuchar, Country Club Mentality, Chair Throwing, and more...

    Gabe Morency is joined by Joe Raineri to discuss last night's crazy college and pro basketball slate. A lady in Las Vegas had Louisville as her last leg of her parlay that would have won her 7 grand, which leads to the discussion to hedge when you look like you will cash the parlay and take a less amount and cash out so you are guaranteed money. Joe and Gabe react to a viral video of a girl throwing a chair 50 floors up over her balcony onto a freeway, which leads to both of them asking if she could go to jail for doing that. To wrap the hour Gabe and Joe discuss some NBA and NCAA bets for Wednesday night's slate.On today's edition of Get Off My Lawn Gabe Morency goes after professional golfers, specifically Sergio Garcia's recent actions and the story of Matt Kuchar winning a tournament, getting the cash prize of over 1 million and only giving his fill-in caddie three thousands bucks. The Kuchar story leads Joe and Gabe to tell stories about dealing with snobby people.Gabe and Joe are joined by video producer Alex, who is a Steelers fan, to discuss the latest Antonio Brown drama. They go through all the possible teams that Brown could land on and what that team would need to give up to land the all-pro wide receiver. With Le'Veon Bell also on the what looks like the way out, they question Pittsburgh's ownership and coaching. Other stories they discuss are the NFL Draft and this year's free agency, guessing where players will end up.

  • Tuesday, February 12th, 2019: Kareem Hunt to Browns, Kyler Murray to the NFL, NBA DFS advice with Drew, Soccer and NBA bets, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Joe Raineri, and Drew Dienkmeyer open Tuesday's show talking about the Cleveland Browns signing running back Kareem Hunt to a one-year deal and how he will do as a Brown. Drew Dinkmeyer explains what this signing means from a fantasy and DFS perspective, explaining that his ceiling is very high. More breaking news came from the NFL on Monday, with two-star Oklahoma athlete Kyler Murray choosing to play pro football over baseball. NBA analyst Pete Yannopoulos joins the show to talk all recent NBA news, giving his opinion on Ben Simmons wanting to work out with Lakers President Magic Johnson during the offseason. Sixers GM Elton Brand responded to this story, saying he does not want Simmons having any contact with Magic.Big Man On Campus joins the show to start hour 2, discussing tonight's college basketball board, picking St. Johns, and then throwing in a soccer bet taking Manchester United against PSG. In Tuesday's edition of Get Off My Lawn Gabe Morency goes after the NCAA and its coaches, saying that as long as their individual programs are successful they will overlook and flat out ignore things going on with their players, then having to save face if any thing ever comes out saying that they had no idea what was going on. To close out the hour they discuss the upcoming NBA All-Star weekend and if they should throw away the Dunk Contest.Opening up the final hour of the show, Gabe and Joe ask legendary DFS player Drew Dinkmeyer about some of his strategies when choosing a lineup for a NBA Slate. He says that a lot of people always ask him for a set of rules to follow when picking a slate, but he says every set of games are different so he can't really give a specific set of rules to abide by. Gabe talks a little soccer with some Champions League games going on today. He says he will parlay Manchester United and Roma to win at +371.

  • Monday, February 11th, 2019: AAF ratings, AAF wagering, MLB around the corner, Get Off My Lawn, possible MLB strike, and more...

    Gabe is joined by Joe Raineri and Drew Dinkmeyer to discuss all the action from this past weekend. The Alliance of American Football debuted and the response was positive. Gabe and Joe discuss the betting angle of the new league and if they will bet it going further, saying that with no other football on they are most likely are. Drew Dinkmeyer gets into the analytics about paying big=time free agents: big money vs. bringing in multiple players for less. Gabe thinks that they should either have stars compete in the dunk contest or just get rid of it, with the contestants usually being no-name or young players who a lot of casual fans don't know.Jim Day joins the show to begin hour 2, talking about the AAF and his thoughts on what the fantasy football scene is going to be with the season only 10 games instead of the NFL's 16-game regular season. In today's Get Off My Lawn segment Gabe goes after Major League Baseball and it's owners for collusion against the players during this free agency period. He argues with all the money the owners are making they shouldn't be cheap with the players, who only have a short window to make all their money. The Get Off My Lawn segment leads to the discussion about a possible MLB player strike, and if anyone would even care, given the current state of baseball viewership in the United States.The final 60 of the show starts with a discussion about Magic Johnson's recent comments on Ben Simmons wanting to work out with him this summer and learn how to be a taller point guard like Magic was. With LeBron and Simmons being signed to the same player agency one could question if Simmons hanging out with Magic, who is the President of Basketball Ops for the Lakers. is tampering. Joe and Gabe discuss this year's over/under win totals for MLB teams, going through and picking which they think are good bets.

  • Friday, February 8th, 2019: NBA Trade Deadline, remembering Frank Robinson, DL problems, Stoops in AAF, and more...

    Gabe Morency and Joe Raineri open the show with Gabe saying the NBA Trade Deadline is more for the fans and media to talk about, but no one will be able to dethrone the Warriors. Joe and Gabe like the Raptors trade for Marc Gasol, though the guys think there is still a chemistry issue with Toronto. The pair looks back at the life of MLB legend Frank Robinson, who passed away yesterday. Gabe explains how thanks to Robinson, he was able to meet Bill Cosby.The second level of the show starts with Gabe and Joe believing America is going way too far with their PC warriors, after finding out that people are saying the sports term, "disabled list", is offensive to people with disabilities. Myck Aussie joins the show to talk about the latest playoff and Finals odds post-NBA Trade Deadline, and gives some picks for the night in College Basketball. Gabe goes off on the NFL, and the Bengals, for hiring a known homophobe as their Offensive Line coach, and also giving Julian Edelman, a know PED user, the Super Bowl MVP. Sooner Leesa calls the show to talk about former Sooner Coach Bob Stoops becoming Head Coach of the Dallas-based XFL team; not to be outdone, Bob from Vermont calls the show, wondering if he ran Corey out of the business.Gabe and Joe open up the final 60 by discussing this weeks AAF games and what spreads and totals they like, giving out their picks for the opening week of the league. The AAF has a completely different set of rules than college and the NFL, having no extra point attempts, no kickoffs, and instead of onside kicks. You have the option to go for it on your own 35, having to get at least 10 yards to keep the ball. Gabe gives his pick taking the San Diego Fleet -3 against the San Antonio Commandos. Joe and Gabe then dive into tonight's NBA slate, discussing what games they are looking to lay some money down on.

  • Thursday, February 7th, 2019: NBA recap, Trade Deadline, Durant's frustration, Harper and Machado still don't have homes, NHL vs. NBA players, and more...

    Gabe Morency and Corey Parson open the show looking at the NBA trade deadline, and how the media has created the frustration clouding Kevin Durant, and the rumors he's bolting Golden State for the Knicks. Gabe says the NBA has become a joke, citing how the players have too much control over free agency and trade demands. Gabe and Corey argue if the NBA's problems come from the players, or the owners. The second level of the show starts with Gabe and Corey talking about pitchers and catchers reporting for Spring Training soon, and yet Manny Machado and Bryce Harper are still free agents. Cam Stewart joins the show as he agrees with Gabe that NHL players would never tell their teams they want to be traded, and that they are not as selfish as NBA players. Cam and Gabe look at the top DFS golfers, and betting odds, for this weekend's Pebble Beach Pro-Am Tournament. Joey Oddessa from MMA odds joins the show to discuss UFC 234 in Melbourne, Australia, giving his opinion on who he thinks will have a good chance of winning Saturday night. Gabe and Corey think that Kareem Hunt won't get black listed from the NFL like Ray Rice did, and even think the Chiefs shouldn't of cut him as it was an overreaction. They're are even rumors of the Chicago Bears looking to sign Hunt this offseason. The Kareem Hunt conversation leads to athletes in professional sports and when their distractions outweigh their contributions to their team.

  • Wednesday, Feb. 6th, 2019: State of the Union props, Sixers get a Big 4, NBA Title Credentials, Get Off Gabe's Lawn, AL vs. NL, The Prez Gambling Picks, Coach Nick From Bball Breakdown, AAF, and more...

    Gabe Morency and Corey Parson open the show looking at the prop bets that hit and miss during President Trump's State of the Union address. Gabe and Corey break down the All-Star caliber lineup that the Sixers have now, now that they have received Tobias Harris from the Clippers. The guys see if the Celtics can make any moves to keep up with the Sixers, but Gabe says the problem is not the Celtics talent, it's the fact that Kyrie Irving does not gel with the team. Gabe and Corey argue if LeBron James is a product of the Millennial personality, citing how Michael Jordan always fought through to win with the Bulls, and didn't leave a team because he could not win the Championship. Gabe debates with Chris Ventra that Larry Bird had the competitive drive to play in any era of the NBA.Level 2 of the show starts with Gabe and Corey comparing the Championship resumes of Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant, and LeBron James. Gabe thinks MLB should not change anything to make the game go faster, thinking that the league is in a panic, and MLB needs to Get Off His Lawn. Corey and Gabe argue if MLB should be changing any rules, including a 20 second pitch clock, to speed up the game.The Prez joins Gabe and Corey to talk tonight's gambling slate. Prez starts in the NHL, where he likes the Maple Leafs even though they are huge favorites at -300. He thens jumps to the NBA taking the Bulls against the Pelicans, saying that the Anthony Davis drama hanging over New Orleans will be too much to overcome. Coach Nick of Bball Breakdown joins the show to talk about all the rumors surrounding the NBA deadline. He gives his opinion on the Lakers situation and  a unique perspective on the Tobias Harris trade, which could set them up to get Kawhi Leonard. Gabe and Corey talk about the AAF, the new professional football league, and if it can sustain itself during the NFL and NCAAF offseason.

  • Tuesday, February 5th, 2019: Super Bowl fallout, Anthony Davis trade demand, Lakers offer, Edelman's PED MVP problem, and more...

    Gabe Morency and Corey Parson open the show figuring out how to navigate through sports after the fallout of Super Bowl 53. The guys also realize they can talk about the NBA, and how the Sixers seem to be out of sync without J.J. Redick in the lineup. The fact that Anthony Davis has said he would sign a long-term deal with either the Lakers or Knicks if he gets traded has the guys wondering if Knicks brass will unload everything else to get Davis to come to Madison Square Garden; the guys also realize that the Lakers are doing everything in their power to get Davis, but many teams won't take Lonzo Ball, no thanks to his father, LaVar. Gabe finds it surprising that most people are looking forward to the NHL Playoffs over the NBA playoffs, March Madness, and MLB Opening Day.The second level of the show starts with Gabe and Corey chatting with Pete Yannopoulos about the fact that LeBron James may be a great player, but when it comes to recruiting guys to play with him, he is a terrible GM. During the Get Off My Lawn segment, Gabe says the Lakers, and the NBA, are showing too much weakness and hypocrisy when it comes to their top players demanding trades. Gabe and Corey argue if LaVar Ball has ruined Lonzo Ball's brand, with Corey saying the Ball family has their own brand, and Gabe thinks LaVar has lost millions of dollars for Lonzo. Gabe's biggest problem with the NBA is that he thinks the system is flawed, citing how only a dozen teams have won the NBA championship in the last three decades.The final 60 starts with Maria Marino joining the show to talk NBA and NFL. Gabe points out the difference in between PEDs in the NFL and MLB pointing out how Julian Edelman was suspended earlier this year for steroids and got to come back in the same year and win Super Bowl MVP, compared to the MLB where players could get suspended for the whole season even as first time offenders. Maria, Gabe, and Corey discuss championship parades and if the Boston fans and players are getting bored of them after winning a championship in one of the major sports every year. Gabe is tired of people throwing around the Greatest Of All Time title or GOAT; he thinks that the term is used too loosely and put on players who don't deserve it.

  • February 4th, 2019: The Super Bowl sucked!!!

    Gabe Morency and Corey Parson open the show talking about how the Super Bowl was terrible, and Corey finally can cement the fact that Jared Goff is nothing more than a glorified bus driver; Gabe, however, still thinks Goff is a good QB, and will be for years to come. As much as Gabe doesn't like the Patriots, or the Red Sox, or the City of Boston, he has to tip his cap to the city, being the first to win back-to-back Championships against the same city, Los Angeles, with the last time this happening back in 1969, when the New York Jets and Mets beat the Baltimore Colts and Orioles, respectively. Gabe and Corey argue if the Rams loss was the fault of Jared Goff, or Sean McVay.Gabe says that he realized that his favorite sport to watch isn't football but actually college basketball. He goes on to say that he finds himself getting bored while watching the NFL and falling asleep, while with college basketball he is paying more attention. In today's Get Off My Lawn segment Gabe doubles down on the NFL never meeting expectations. He says they produce a terrible on field product even though everybody acts like it's amazing. Gabe and Corey debate whether Cardi B should've even done any Super Bowl related events after saying she will not participate in the halftime show as a protest for Colin Kaepernick.Gabe and Corey discuss if they should make the day after the Super Bowl a national holiday. Corey makes the point that with the industry they are in they'd still have to come to work the Monday after the Super Bowl, so it wouldn't affect them either way. Corey and Gabe go over the NBA slate for tonight, picking out spreads and totals that they like and might take. Gabe feels like Anthony Davis got bad advice from someone and it won't end up well for AD, especially if he refuses to play and sits out and quit on his team. Corey thinks that the Pelicans should trade AD before he turns a free agent just so they can get something back for him instead of being left for nothing.

  • Wednesday, January 30th, 2019: Corey Tries To Cheat, Falcons Guard Ben Garland, LeBron likes his wine, Bob vs. Corey, and more...

    Corey tries to get the answers to the Super Bowl Trivia contest vs, Bob through Jim Day and Gabe calls him out on it. Atlanta Falcons guard Ben Garland joins the show to talk Super Bowl 53, his team's injury troubles during the past season, and him winning the Salute To Service award. Sooner Lisa calls into the show and start throwing shots at Corey, who has no answer. Bob calls in to talk smack about his upcoming Super Bowl trivia matchup vs. Corey.Gabe and Michelle jump on LeBron for supposedly drinking wine on the bench during the game vs the 76ers last night, questioning if LeBron is a alcoholic, while Corey defends him, saying it doesn't matter what he does on the bench as long as they win when he gets back. Bob and Corey go head to head in Super Bowl trivia with them finishing tied 4-4 going into the 3rd hour.A counting error in the Trivia contest leads to controversy about who won. The head coach for Rutgers basketball decided to restrict the use of phones, resulting in the team having a winning record in the past two weeks for the first time in years. Professional handicapper Paul Bovi joins the show to talk Super Bowl 53 prop bets, spreads and game totals. Gabe and Paul discuss where you can find value on different books and how you should take advantage of the differences.

  • Tuesday, January 29th, 2019: McVay-Belichick #textgate, FaceTime bug, Good G.O.A.T Bad Goat, Bryce Harper free agency saga, Bob vs. Corey, Prop Bets, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show talking about the long standing textual relationship that has been going on between Rams head coach Sean McVay and Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, wondering if there is any type of Super Bowl collusion in the making. "Textgate" gets the crew into talking about the iPhone FaceTime glitch, where people are able to hear others talking through the microphone in another person's phone. Gary Myers of The Athletic joins the show to talk about how the winner of the Super Bowl may have to score over 30 points, and how the Chiefs could be the next Patriots-type dynasty. Gabe, Michelle, and Corey reminisce about some of the top songs from the early 2000s.The second level of the show starts with Gabe and Corey arguing if being called the GOAT is a good thing (Greatest of All Time) or if it's a bad thing (I.E. Bill Buckner, Falcons in the Super Bowl, etc.). Gabe brings up how the Bryce Harper free agency saga may be over, as reports are starting to come out that he will be joining the Phillies; Gabe warns everyone to not believe anything until all is said and done. Myck Aussie joins the show to talk about the Anthony Davis saga, and if Jared Goff will be able to shake the Super Bowl nerves.The final 60 of the show starts with the Morning After crew thinking Anthony Davis should honor his contract with the Pelicans, and then look for a trade in the offseason this summer. Gabe announces, along with the help of Jim Day, a Super Bowl trivia contest, between Corey and Bob from Vermont. Gabe, Corey and Michelle look at some more Super Bowl prop bets, including if Rob Gronkowski will score a touchdown.

What's Good Wit Ya!

The NFL Pro Bowl is much ado about nothing. I figured everyone knew this but after seeing my Twitter feed yesterday it’s apparent that many of you take it more seriously than it needs to be. Basketball and Baseball have good all-star games. Those sports are better when it comes to putting on exhibitions. A football all-star game is not needed. The violent nature of pro football makes it difficult to put on a exhibition. I haven’t watched a Pro Bowl in over 20 years if not longer. Why would the best players in the game go hard in a exhibition game in which they may get hurt? I was shocked to see how many people were truly upset with what they saw. Did you really think your favorite NFL players care about going hard in a exhibition? I personally think the league should do away with the game. They probably won’t. So be like me and just ignore it. Pro Bowl problem solved.



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