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DEC 07/18

  • Friday, December 7th, 2018: Weather problems, Stuttering John, Jags get mouth smacked, where in the world is Corey Parson, The Oscars controversy, Michelle's weather update, and more...

    Gabe Morency and Michelle Serpico open the show with Michelle getting excited for her weather update, even though weather looks awful all around the country, with Gabe talking about how Buffalo's stadium is "under snow." Gabe and Michelle talk about the Thursday night game, with Gabe saying the Jaguars displayed the worst tackling he has ever seen, and that they deserved to get beaten the way they did, after mouthing off to the Titans. Corey takes the form of Jeff the Skeleton, with Gabe and Michelle questioning how he enjoyed his night out last night as Mayor of Harlem. Gabe brings up how Kevin Hart was slated to host the Oscars this year, but had to step down after homophobic tweets came to light, and Gabe talks about how society has finally gone too far with being PC. Gabe rips another cry baby, after Lance Armstrong went on The Today Show to talk about how hard his life has been since getting caught using PEDs during his cycling career. Gabe and Michelle think Lance Armstrong calling out Alex Rodriguez for getting a second chance his PED use is just Lance acting jealous. Going back to the Oscars, Gabe calls Hollywood "a bunch of coke sniffing pedophiles."<p>The second level of the program starts with Gabe and Michelle talking about the tweets that Kevin Hart sent out that got him to step down from hosting the Oscars. Howard Stern Show alum Stuttering John Melendez joins the show to talk about his upcoming book, how Jay Leno is under-appreciated, and gives his take on the Kevin Hart controversy. Michelle, once again, breaks the internet with her accurate weather predictions for Week 14 of the NFL season. Gabe and Michelle talk about the return of the XFL, and how Ricky Williams and Terrell Owens are trying to start their own football league; Gabe calls all of these leagues a waste of time and money. <p>The final hour of the show starts with Michelle and Gabe agreeing that without Corey, they are now in a "Bad Take Free Zone." Teddy Covers joins the show to help guide the betting listeners how to bet the Army-Navy game, and the rest of Week 14 in the NFL. Gabe says he will once again pick Carolina this week, but understands the Panthers will probably disappoint him again. Gabe says the NFC East may come down to the final game of the season, and that the Cowboys may not outright win the division.

  • The Morning After, December 6th, 2018: LeBron's environment, no Kaep in Washington, infamous pictures, Thursday Night preview, Dr. Evil doppelgänger, Cam Stewart, and more...

    Level 1: Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show with Gabe explaining what Kevin Durant means when he says playing with LeBron James is toxic; he goes on to say that LeBron is a distraction, and that the media becomes more of a "fanboy" base than they are professionals. Corey goes on to say superstar players don't want tp be Lebron's wingman. The gang thinks after the Redskins spurned Colin Kapernick, that there really is collusion against the quarterback, thinking the NFL would be embarrassed if he signs with any team; the gang also agrees the NFL has mishandled too many personal issues with players, including Kaepernick and Kareem Hunt. Gabe talks about how he likes to take pictures of infamous places, including the hotel room that O.J. Simpson was accused of beating and robbing a man. <p>Level 2: Level two of the program starts with Gabe talking about how difficult it will be to bet on the Titans vs. Jaguars, citing how this will most likely be a low scoring game; speaking of the Titans, Gabe brings up how Jets HC Todd Bowles said last weeks loss to Tennessee will "haunt him for the rest of his life." Looking at how Gabe got compared to Dr. Evil, Gabe says he is more of a Wayne's World guy than he is Austin Powers; Michelle questions if Austin Powers (NOT Mike Myers) is from Toronto. Cam Stewart Skypes in to the show to talk about technical difficulties, top betting odds for tonight's NBA and NFL games, and how his studio room makes him look like a hostage. <p>Level 3: The final hour of the show starts with Gabe talking about how disgusting it is when people put their feet up on airplanes, and how a woman had someone's feet sticking through her seat. The gang goes on to talk about their biggest pet peeves, including crocs, backpacks, and bare feet. Gabe talks about how Michelle's hands are as big as Kawhi Leonard's, and Corey makes a bet where if he wins, Michelle has to rub his belly. The crew talks about the most sold sports jersey, and how Gabe has racked up a nice collection in his time. The gang finishes the hour looking at some prop bets for tonight's TNF game.

  • Wednesday, November 7th, 2018: Mayor of Harlem re-elect, Duke's Fab 5, NFL mid-season report cards, Taylor Stevens, Joe Lisi talks CFP, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show with Corey celebrating his re-election as Mayor of Harlem, and Gabe talking about being right on the Portland Trailblazers, and thinking Duke already has an NBA caliber team; Corey even calling them the next Fab 5. Looking at the college football playoff rankings, Gabe finds no surprises, but also wonders if Notre Dame has the toughest schedule heading in to Bowl Season, and if Georgia has a shot to beat Alabama in the SEC playoffs, and cause CFP chaos. The gang finishes the hour talking about Dez Bryant being on the verge of signing with the Saints, but Gabe thinks Dez will not bring much to the table, much to Corey's chagrin. The gang finishes the hour wondering if Le'Veon Bell's pickup basketball game in Pittsburgh means he will be re-joining the Steelers, or if he will be talking with the organization about sitting out the rest of the year. <p>To open Level 2 of the show, the gang talks about a big Thursday night match-up between the Steelers and Panthers. Gabe and Corey give their mid-season report cards to NFL teams, with Corey calling the Dolphins a "flaccid 5-4," and the Bills, or Bills Mafia, being called a disgrace. Taylor Stevens is back in studio, as she joins the gang to give her grades on some teams, and talks about Lamar Jackson possibly taking the starting QB job from Joe Flacco in Baltimore; Corey thinks the Ravens, no matter who is under center, will be in the mix for the playoffs. The gang describes the Chiefs in one word, with Gabe saying "awesome," and Taylor saying "fierce." Meanwhile, Corey calls the Broncos "disappointing," and Gabe calls them "donkeys." <p>In the final hour of the program, Gabe starts by saying he can't understand how 70% of Florida could vote against legalized gambling, and how Nevada could vote for Dennis Hof, who won a seat in the state assembly, even after the fact he died last month. Joe Lisi joins the program to give his take on the college football playoff rankings, and who he thinks could make a push for upsets over teams like Alabama and Clemson. The gang, along with Taylor Stevens, go back to one-word descriptions for each NFL team, calling the Vikings "average" and the Packers, according to Taylor, "disconnected." Gabe calls the Lions mediocre and even calling Matt Patricia a slob. The gang congratulates Chris Bones for finishing the New York Marathon, and explains his journey through the boroughs, including running through a happy smoke cloud in Harlem.

  • Tuesday, November 6th, 2018: Election Day, Garrett must go chants, College basketball tip-off, Pete Yannapolous, Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, Eli's end of the road, Bills Mafia #Turdgate, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show with the gang excited for the start of college basketball, with Corey saying Duke, much to his chagrin, look like the real deal. Gabe understands why Corey is melting down over watching his Cowboys lose to the Titans last night, and explains that Jason Garrett is the worst coach in the NFL, which he also says is the most important coaching position in the big 4 of sports. Pete Yannapolous joins the show to vent his frustrations on the Cowboys, as well as discuss opening tip-off of the college basketball season. Remembering it's Election Day, Corey reminds everyone to vote him for re-election of Mayor of Harlem, even though Michelle would love to have him as the Mayor of Hoboken. Michelle's social update includes Michael Irvin going off on Monday Night Football, and Allen Iverson talking trash about the NBA dress code. <p>In the second hour of the program, the gang opens the program looking at a weak Baseball Hall of Fame ballot, including Albert Belle and Oral Hershiser, and Gabe also says George Steinbrenner should be put in Cooperstown. Corey says it's unfair that steroid era players will not get elected to the Hall of Fame, citing there are some bad guys already in Cooperstown. We get updated polls for Corey's Mayor of Harlem re-election, with Corey falling behind to Joseph Rangel, but Corey stays optimistic saying "his people haven't woken up yet." <p>The final hour of the program starts with gabe looking at the betting odds for Election Day, including Democrats as favorites to win the Senate, and Republicans locked in for the House. Looking at Michelle wearing baby blue today, Corey gets excited to watch his UNC Tar Heels get ready for tip-off tonight, hoping it gets the bad taste left in his mouth from the Cowboys. Gabe brings up how the Giants are looking in to everyone as moving parts, and Corey gives some parting words, a la Boyz to Men, for Eli Manning. Learning that someone at a Bills fan threw a piece of feces, leaving it under someone's seat, has Gabe thinking it's time for Bills fans to have an intervention as to their behavior at games. The gang finishes the show talking about how everyone says politics has quite a few sleaze-balls, but none more than the media industry.

  • Monday, November 5th, 2018: Bones in the NYC Marathon, Saints go marching on, Floyd's New Years Eve plans, Drunk fanbases, Michelle's Eagles game date, Monday night spread, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show with Michelle talking about how she waited for Producer Chris Bones, along with his wife, for him at the finish line of the New York Marathon, but then learned that they were at the wrong spot. The gang talks about how they could never run the marathon, all saying they don't have the cardio stamina, even Gabe saying he once ran a quarter-marathon and could barely handle it. The gang chats with the father of Michelle's little fan, who ran the New York Marathon, and finished under 6 hours. Gabe brings up how the Packers will not make the playoffs, but Corey says he can't count out Aaron Rodgers yet; Gabe mentions the fact that the Saints, Panthers, Rams, and Falcons, all look much better than the Packers. The gang talks about Floyd Mayweather booking a New Years Eve fight against Japanese kick boxer, Tenshin Nasukawa. Going back to football, Gabe calls the Saints the most dangerous team in the NFC, maybe the NFL, and also says this is the first time in the last decade that there are a handful of teams (Saints, Rams, Patriots, Chiefs, Panthers, Chargers, etc) that could all be Super Bowl champions; Corey is noted that the Cowboys are not apart of that group. <p>To open the second hour of the show, Gabe brings up the most drunk fan bases in the NFL, which include the Cowboys, Cardinals, Saints, and Patriots; the gang agrees this list is inaccurate, wondering where the Bills and Eagles fans are on the intoxication scale. Finding out that Michelle will be going to the Eagles-Cowboys game coming up next week, Corey questions who her plus-1 for said game is, after finding out it is someone of the male persuasion. Gabe and Corey look at the Monday night spread, with the Cowboys getting 5, and Gabe explains why the Titans are his pick of the week to beat the spread. Looking at the NBA, Gabe thinks Jimmy Butler is a selfish punk, and is playing himself in to NBA purgatory, but Corey says the Knicks will still do whatever it takes to get a player of his caliber talent. With Election Day coming up tomorrow, Corey makes his campaign stance to be "re-elected as the Mayor of Harlem." <p>The final hour of the show starts with gabe thanking his stars that day light savings was this weekend, giving him an extra hour to sleep off a drunken Saturday night; this has the gang talking about some of their most drunken nights, including Corey passing out on the subway. After a chat with Bob in Vermont, gabe and the gang come up with ideas for hoodies, including a Corey Harlem hoodie. Looking at some Monday night prop bets, Gabe and Corey think the total passing yards for Marcus Mariota and Dak Prescott are way too low. Gabe and Corey compare Mariota to his QB draft mate, Jameis Winston, saying Mariota is not great, but is also not a head-case like Winston. The gang says it's hard to take Jon Jones seriously, after he and Daniel Cormier traded barbs after Cormier's victory at UFC 230.

  • Friday, November 2nd: Michelle's fan playing games, Raiders future, Jimi the GOAT, Pete vs. Ariana, A National Anthem first, Kristine Leahy, Robin Black, athlete fighters, Teddy Covers, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show with the gang recognizing Michelle's little fan from yesterday clamoring to play basketball in the studio; Corey promptly says he will reject any shot taken by the kid. Gabe can't stand people saying Jon Gruden is building for the future of the Raiders, saying you don't pay a coach $10 Million a year to suck; Gabe goes on to say the only guy trying for the Raiders is Derek Carr, and he may not even be with the team next year.  Gabe brings up how Jimi Hendrix is the greatest guitarist of All-Time, and Corey has the audacity to say "prove it." Gabe brings up how Ariana Grande went to social media to rip her ex, SNL star Pete Davidson, after he made a promo jabbing at his broken relationship with the pop star, and says Grande needs to grow up. <p>The gang opens the second hour talking about the 49ers cheerleader who took a knee during the National Anthem, making her the first cheerleader to do so. Kristine Leahy, host of American Ninja Warrior and Fair Game, joins the show to talk about her work interviewing the likes of Ray Rice and what is was like to work with Colin Cowherd. MMA analyst Robin Black joins the crew in studio to talk about the latest news around UFC, and how Michelle's good friend, Nick Diaz, can really fight. <p>In the final hour of the show, the gang, along with Robin Black, talk about how hockey players may be able to fight on the ice, but say it doesn't necessarily translate to fighting on the canvas; Corey says the most athletic fighter in sports is Jose Bautista. Teddy Covers joins the show to give his betting odds for the weekend in college football, NBA, UFC, and Week 9 in the NFL; Corey and Teddy agree when it comes to the NBA, you should always bet against the Wizards. Talking about UFC 230, Robin looks back at one of the most gruesome injuries he has seen in UFC, namely, Anderson Silva's shin snapping in half against Chris Weidman at UFC 168.

  • Thursday, November 1st, 2018: Taylor Stevens carpentry, John Schneider, Dukes of Hazzard, Boston kids, Thursday night train wreck, worst Halloween costumes, sports jerks, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show talking about how Taylor Stevens is en route to the studio, and Michelle is excited to have another woman in studio with her; Gabe also mentions how Taylor helped put together some furniture for him last night. Corey and Gabe's hatred for Boston fans takes a new turn, after seeing a kid on social media say Manny Machado "should stay on his knees;" Gabe and Corey agree this kid needs a line-drive to the head.  Getting excited to chat with John Schneider of The Dukes of Hazzard, the gang talks about how much they loved the show growing up, and how Michelle was a big fan of Jessica Simpson playing Daisy Duke in the 2005 movie. John Schneider joins the program to talk about the acting skills of Boss Hog, and his time and effort going in to Dancing With The Stars. <p>To start the second hour, Gabe starts previewing tonight's Raiders-49ers game, with Gabe saying even though the Raiders are a mess, they are actually moving in the right direction as they rebuild for their move to Las Vegas. The gang looks at some of the worst Halloween costumes from last night, including New Jersey Devils player Blake Coleman dressing up as a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. Gabe and Corey agree that Matt Patricia is a jerk, but unlike scumbag Bill Belichick, he's also not a good coach, and players do not respond well to him. Adult star Taylor Stevens joins the gang in studio, as they chat about her Patriots fandom, her betting picks for the weekend in sports, and how to properly send "meat mail." <p>In the final hour of the program, the gang, along with special guest Taylor Stevens, open the hour with Gabe previewing Taylor's appearance at the Exxxotica convention this weekend in New Jersey. Taylor gives her pick for the Raiders-49ers game, despite her calling the game unwatchable, and then Bob in Vermont calls to question how Taylor is able to walk with her "enhancements." Later, Gabe talks about Chris Webber returning to Michigan to be honoray captain for the Michigan-Penn St. game, saying the issues between him and the University have been blown out of proportion. The gang talks about Maryland firing DJ Durkin, and WWE event going on in Saudi Arabia, with Gabe saying there is no morality left in the world.

  • Halloween 2018: Halloween brings Christmas commercials, Vegas treats, Maryland frights, walk of shame, Death of Whitey Bulger, tonight's NBA slate, scariest things in sports, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show wishing you a Happy Halloween, and Gabe brings up how Las Vegas raked in over $500 million in bets for the month of September. A frightening issue in Maryland has Gabe and Corey chatting with in-house Terrapin, Gregg Sussman, questioning why the school would bring back head coach DJ Durkin, who Gregg calls "a worse version of Urban Meyer." Speaking of Urban Meyer, Gabe could care less that he is feeling ill. It's Halloween, and the gang holds a costume fashion show, with Michelle dressed as a leopard, Bones as Tigger, and Corey as a trap star; Gabe loves seeing the women of Halloween, bringing up how he saw a woman dressed as a sexy Walking Dead zombie. Michelle explains why Halloween is notorious for ending with people doing "the walk of shame." The crew goes over the NFL trade deadline, with Gabe and Corey liking the Lions moving Golden Tate to the Eagles. <p>To open the second hour of the show, Gabe talks about how the day after Halloween is the start of the Christmas commercial season, which he finds nauseating. While talking about the Saints and their Super Bowl aspirations, Gabe talks about how teams need to be able to stop the run, saying it can make or break the spirit of the defense, and compares it to a UFC fighter being able to break out of a stranglehold. Corey brings up how the state of the Buccaneers history of Quarterbacks is appalling, citing Vinny Testaverde as one of the top passers in their franchise. NBA analyst Pete Yannopoulus joins the show to talk about how everyone has benefitted from the Kawhi Leonard-DeMar DeRozan trade, and how the Pistons have been playing above their expectations. The Red Sox are holding their World Series parade today, with the team trolling the Yankees, and Corey says "keep it up, Boston." Michelle's social update includes how Shaun White apologized for wearing an offensive Halloween costume, and Gabe promptly calls him a scumbag. <p>In the final hour of the show, Gabe brings up the death of Boston-area mobster, Whitey Bulger, and how it came to be that he ended up in the prison where he would eventually be killed. Gabe and Corey look at tonight's NBA slate, with the guys hopping on the Pistons, and the Pacers bringing down the Knicks tonight, even though they haven't won at the Garden in two years. As part of Halloween, the gang talks about the scariest things in sports, including being a coach in Cleveland, beings a quarterback in Seattle, and being a sports host waiting to get paid. Gregg Benin of Topps cards joins the show to talk about the values of the 2019 MLB cards coming out this year.

  • Tuesday, October 30th, 2018: Monday Night recap, Bills toys, New York gambling issues, Lebron vs the media, Warriors rock band, UFC 230, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show with the gang explaining why Bills fans are the best fans in the NFL, citing how three sex toy were thrown on to the field during the game. Gabe brings up how New York is taking a step back after a judge overruled Gov. Cuomo's ruling on Daily Fantasy sports, saying it is a form of gambling and should be illegal; Gabe even goes as far as saying states like West Virginia and Mississippi have legalized sports betting. Looking at the Monday night broadcast, Gabe says Jason Witten did not suck, and Joe Tessitore was not overly annoying. The gang finishes the hour talking about the Powerball winner coming from Corey's neck of the woods, Harlem. <p>The Morency and Friends crew open the second hour of the show talking about how while New York is struggling to keep sports betting legal, Caesars Entertainment becoming sponsors for the Philadelphia 76ers and the New Jersey Devils. Talking about the issues with sports gambling, Gabe says to watch the movie, Battle of the Sexes, to get a better understanding of degenerate gambling. Gabe brings up the hypocrisy surrounding WWE's Crown Jewel event in Saudi Arabia, after news came out that John Cena was pulling out of the event. Gabe sympathizes with LeBron James, saying the media tries to prod at him after every loss. Looking at another team in California, the Golden State, Gabe calls Draymond Green the drummer of the Warriors, saying he is the backbone of a team with lead vocalists like Steph Curry and Klay Thompson. Talking about Klay Thompson breaking a 3-point record, the guys argue if the Warriors have internal beefs when it comes to stats, but Corey says "that's just how locked-in they are." <p>In the final hour of the show, the gang talks about UFC 230, with Corey thinking the main event of Daniel Cormier vs. Derrick Lewis will not live up to its predecessor of Khabib vs. Conor; Gabe and Michelle, however, think the big draw is Cormier, who may be the best fighter in the world outside of Jon Jones. Corey's musical knowledge is questioned after he says he would rather hear a trap song over the Who's Teenage Wasteland as the open for UFC Pay-Per-View events. Gabe calls the firing of Hue Jackson a smart move by the Browns, saying he was lucky he lasted this long; Corey and Gabe try to figure out who is next in line to coach in Cleveland. Coach Nick joins the show to look at the betting lines and top DFS plays for tonight's NBA slate.

  • Monday, October 29th, 2018: We knew who the Red Sox were, Goff shots in Gurley mode, Boston, Billdos, Jags poppin' bottles, NBA teams on the rise, Rodgers not a GOAT, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show congratulating the World Champion Red Sox, including David Price, who went out and dominated in the deciding Game 5 against the Dodgers. Looking at the Rams going 8-0, Corey takes a shot at "bus driver" Jared Goff, and Gabe says Todd Gurley made the right move by not scoring and running the clock down, even though the entire fantasy sports world went in to a frenzy. Gabe can't understand how Corey can say "there is no Word Series Champion in 2018," and Gregg goes on to ask him if there is a president, and Corey says no. The Red Sox winning this World Series gives the city of Boston 11 championships in the 21st century, with the crew dreadfully arguing if Boston is the true sports capital of the world. Gabe and Corey give props to the Packers and Steelers fans, who they consider to be the most well-travelled fans, even though the Packers were in fair-weathered Los Angeles. The gang finishes the hour talking about how Bills fans are bringing dildos to tonight's game against the Patriots as a troll effort against Tom Brady. <p>The Morency and Friends crew open the show with Michelle questioning Corey about his weekend belly rub from someone on the staff. Corey looks back at how the Bills could have drafted Rob Gronkowski, and Gabe says, as a rebuttal, plenty of teams could have drafted Steph Curry. Gabe talks about how he can't stand the Patriots, but none more than Julian Edelman, citing he seems like a big time jerk. Corey and Gabe go over some prop bets they like in the Monday night football game, with Corey loving the over for James White rushing yards. The gang brings up how some Jaguars players got in to trouble in London after an issue with a bill worth over $50,000 for bottle service at a club; Gabe calls the players stupid for acting up and not paying, but Corey brings up that they were under the impression the bottles were comped. Gabe calls Jalen Ramsey "just another modern athlete running his mouth and not backing it up." The Cavaliers firing Tyronn Lue irks Gabe, thinking if they were going to get rid of him, they should have done it before the season started, and not embarrass him as much as his 0-6 Cavs have done so far. <p>In the final hour of the show, Gabe and the crew spend a moment remembering mortality does not have a price, after talking about Leicester City soccer club owner Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha, a Thai tycoon, who was killed along with four others when his helicopter crashed and then exploded after a Premier League match on Saturday. On a lighter note, the gang looks at the NFC East picture, thinking the Redskins are now in the drivers seat to win the division, with Gabe calling Alex Smith a great game manager. Looking at the NBA, Gabe and Corey argue if the Bucks and Raptors undefeated starts to the season are a precursor of the top teams in the East, and if either have a shot at bringing down the Warriors. Gabe says the demise of Russell Wilson and the Seahawks was greatly exaggerated, citing their dominating performance over the Lions. Gabe and Corey argue if Aaron Rodgers will go down as the greatest quarterback of all time, with Gabe saying he's got one of the best arms, but there are better than him out there (Tom Brady and Drew Brees). The crew finishes the show breaking down the news of the Browns firing Hue Jackson. 

What's Good Wit Ya!

Over the next few months college sports fans will witness greatness. Alabama Football and Duke Basketball have built powerhouse college sports teams. Just this past weekend we saw a undefeated Alabama team go into Death Valley and snuff out the 4th ranked LSU Tigers. Alabama has been great over the course of the past decade but the team they have this year may be the best ever. Bama Quarterback Tua Tagaviola will easily win the Heisman Trophy and Bama is the favorite to win the National Championship yet again. College Hoops kicked off last night with the 4th ranked Duke Blue Devils taking on the 2nd ranked Kentucky Wildcats on a neutral court. Let’s just say Duke shouldn’t be ranked 4th. The Blue Devils toyed with Kentucky on their way to a 34-point victory. Kentucky has a great team but Duke is elite. Duke freshmen Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett, and Cam Reddish combined for 83 points. Kentucky who is loaded with NBA talent scored 84. What a time to be a college sports fan.



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