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JAN 18/19

  • Friday, January 18th, 2019: Championship game previews, Curry's NBA impact, Nets getting respect, UFC on ESPN,Get off Gabe's lawn, Taylor Stevens, Teddy Covers, and more...

    Gabe Morency and Corey Parson open the show arguing if new Yankees pitcher Adam Ottavino should wear the number zero, as there has been no use of the number in Yankee history. Gabe expresses that despite what could be the best AFC and NFC Championship games, he believes that the game times are very odd. Gabe argues that the NFL should have playoff games on Saturdays, and also says how fantasy has kept the NFL relevant. Gabe and Corey look at the NBA, and how Steph Curry's "shoot threes anywhere" style-of-play has ruined the league, making players unable to learn fundamentals as simple as shooting a free throw. Corey argues that the Nets are only relevant because tickets prices are cheaper than the Knicks, and even so, the Nets attendance numbers prove no one cares about them. But Gabe says their play is getting attention, and he looks forward to going back to a game at the Barclays Center. Corey and Gabe know it may just be wishful thinking, but the Chiefs could not only beat the Patriots, they will beat them down.The second level of the show starts with Gabe finding it interesting that the UFC only started getting important press once ESPN started picking up fight cards. Gabe goes as far as to say the UFC fights will get more ratings than the NBA, but Corey, once again, does not agree. Taylor Stevens joins the show to explain why Gabe and Corey are wrong, and the Super Bowl will be between the two best quarterbacks of the last few decades, Drew Brees and the Saints, and Tom Brady and his Patriots. Gabe believes that the NFL will do everything to have a Tom Brady-Drew Brees Super Bowl, and explains that he hates the Patriots because they are just a very easy team to despise and need to Get off his Lawn. Myck Aussie joins the show, and gives Corey his Mount Rushmore of the Denver Broncos.The final 60 of the show starts with Corey and Gabe in disbelief at how many rats are coming out in the court case against El Chapo, almost calling him this generation's Pablo Escobar. Teddy Covers joins the show to give his latest Championship betting odds, as well providing a glimpse of the G-League players who will be coming up in the NBA soon, and explains why from a betting perspective, he is not excited about the Rams and Saints game. Coach Nick joins the show to talk about the latest news and betting odds around the NBA, and how he agrees that the Nets are a very tough team that doesn't give up. Gabe and Corey finish the show looking at some NBA trade rumors, and how Bradley Beal's name has been swirling around.

  • Thursday, January 17th, 2019: Patriots underdog card, ghosts of Twitter past, most hated teams, and more...

    Gabe Morency and Corey Parson open the show hoping that Michelle will join them tomorrow while she is in Nashville, and wishing she will be joined by Trey Mancini. Gabe and Corey understand why the Patriots are playing the "underdog card", however, they also say it would not be a big upset if the Patriots, playing in their 8th straight AFC Championship game, did beat the Chiefs on Sunday. The guys think it is ridiculous when people try to dig up athlete's tweets from when they were teenagers, with Gabe saying all teenagers are stupid, and Corey hopes he doesn't find crazy tweets on his son's timeline. Speaking of weird social media use, the guys talk about the development of Kevin Durant, and remember what a scrawny, and lovable kid he was in Texas and his early years with the Thunder. Looking at the midseason point in the NBA, Gabe and Corey rank the best teams in each conference, with the Raptors seemingly the beasts of the East, and the Warriors, though going through their ups and downs, are the best of the West. Gabe thinks people don't talk about how bad the Knicks really are. Corey and Gabe go over what would be the most hated teams in sports, with many people picking the Patriots and Cowboys, but Gabe also thinks Michigan State should be up in that area of most hated teams.The second level of the show starts with Gabe and Corey talking about how the Nets play no defense, making their betting odds on totals easy, but Gabe also says the Nets play with a lot of heart. Gabe gets breaking news that New York will have legalized sports betting by this Spring. Corey tells the people of New York City, specifically the daily 9-5 commuters, they are beyond crazy, and need to stay off his lawn. Gabe calls John McCain's daughter Meghan the most annoying person on TV, but Corey reminds him that Laura Ingraham still exists. Cam Stewart joins the show from his bunker to talk about how big a move it is for Jalen Hurns to transfer from Alabama to Oklahoma, and the guys argue if the Sooners have put themselves in position to make another National Championship run.The final 60 of the show starts with Gabe saying this is the Chiefs year, and that Andy Reid will finally get his Super Bowl. Gabe and Corey like that Gladys Knight will be singing the National Anthem, and the guys look at over-unders for how long the National Anthem will go; they also agree that Maroon 5, the halftime show headliners, are the most bland pick by the NFL. Gabe goes back to the story of the Brooklyn Nets, and how a team of castaways like D'Angelo Russell, have to come together to become the grittiest team in the NBA. Corey argues that the Nets are not a good team, even with Gabe saying they only sit 3 games behind the Celtics for second place in the Atlantic Division. MMA Oddsmaker Joey Odessa joins the show to talk about the latest odds for UFC Fight Night 143 coming up in Brooklyn this weekend. 

  • Wednesday, January 16th, 2019: Fisher fishing around, Nike laceless sneakers, Gillette goes Kaep, Enes Kanter issues, Championship game weather, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show with Corey hoping for a new lead-in morning show. Scott Engel joined to defend the RotoExperts, saying to Corey that he and Dane bring facts, and don't get clouded by team or player bias like Corey. The gang finds it interesting, and quite humorous, that Lauren Sanchez, the mistress of Amazon CEO Jeff Beszos, also dated former NBA player and known home-wrecker Derek Fisher. Discussing how the weather will be a major factor in Kansas City, Gabe, Canada's favorite son, talks about how he can't feel the difference between cold and freezing temperatures.The second hour of the show starts with Gabe talking about how the Packers were a product of old-school offense, and that Aaron Rodgers may be more to blame than Mike McCarthy; the crew agrees Sean McVay is the future of coaching in the NFL. Gabe talks about Cam Newton possibly missing all of 2019, putting the Panthers in a bad situation, and Gabe calls them the OKC Thunder of the NFL, saying they are loaded with talent, but always come up short. Looking at the rest of the NBA, Gabe thinks the Warriors, who just routed the West leading Nuggets by 31, are starting to look like themselves, and the rest of the Western Conference better watch out. Gabe tells people to stop taking up more than one seat on the bus and subways, and also tells Tom Brady to stop saying people think he sucks when actually has been favored in 69 straight games. Gabe also thinks people need to stop worrying about what Clemson is eating at the White House, or what Nike is doing in ad campaigns, or how people are mad about Gillette's #MeToo ad, and how there are more important things in the world to worry about. The trio looks at which teams they most want to see in the Super Bowl, with all picking the Chiefs and Saints for the excitement.The final 60 of the show starts with talk about how Jayson Tatum will debut the Nike Adapt BB, which is a laceless "Back to the Future" type sneaker, and they wonder if this sneaker is worth the money and phone app hassle, or if it will falter in the market. The Prez joins the show to give his latest betting odds for this weekend's playoff games, and gets in to some prop bet arguments with Corey. The gang brings up how officials in Turkey are looking to arrest Knicks center Enes Kanter, calling Kanter a terrorist; they talk about how this issue with Kanter and the Turkish government goes deeper than just one athlete who fled the country.

  • Tuesday, January 15th, 2019: Kyler declares, Harden goes off, Murray-Rosen scenario, Get off Corey's Lawn, Presidential fast food, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show giving Producer Chris Bones credit for an excellent news update, but wonder if his updates are better than Michelle's live reads. Gabe finds it polarizing that Kyler Murray will declare for the NFL draft, forgoing $7 million to play baseball, and now wonders if the Kliff Kingsbury revelation will come to fruition. But Corey thinks Murray will not be drafted until the second day. Pete Yannapoulus joins the show to compare Kyler Murray to some of the draft busts of the NBA, and also talks about James Harden going off for 57 points against the Grizzlies. The gang wonders if they would accept McDonald's and other fast food at the White House, much like what happened yesterday for Clemson when they met President Trump. Gabe defends Corey and Cowboys fans. Everyone except trashy Eagles fans are not crazy enough to beat up their spouses and throw their pets in a microwave, just because they lost on Sunday to the Saints. The gang finishes the hour remembering how 10 years ago, Captain Sully safely landed a broken airplane in the Hudson River. <p>The second hour of the show starts with Gabe wanting to shoot the ball that Corey always plays with during updates. Gabe tries to concoct a scenario where the Giants and Cardinals make a deal that sends Josh Rosen to New York, and Kliff Kingsbury gets his man in Kyler Murray; Gabe thinks the Giants are the biggest wild card when it comes to addressing quarterback situations. Corey believes that Clemson's McDonald's and pizza dinner at the White House was a political stunt. He tells Dabo Swinney, who says college players should never be paid, to get off his lawn. Gabe breaks down the monetary value of the White House dinner for Clemson, comparing it to Cam Stewart spending about the same amount, $2500, at McDonald's in one night. <p>The final hour of the show starts with Gabe remembering how video footage of Michael Bennett running out of a casino after a fight and shootout justifies the black and hispanic cop from taking down the Pro Bowl Defensive End; Gabe explains that Bennett's story is a complete turnaround of what is seen in the video footage. Dustin Gouker joins the show to talk about the betting problems that DraftKings dealt with during the National Championship, and how this can be avoided come Super Bowl weekend. The gang finishes the show talking about President Trump exaggerating the amount of burgers he bought for the Clemson Tigers football team. <p>

  • Monday, January 14th, 2019: Divisional round recap, End of the Foles magic, Get off Michelle's lawn, Machado and Harper news, baseball TV ratings,

    Gabe Morency and Michelle Serpico open the show with Gabe sending condolences to Michelle and Chris Bones, the resident Eagles fans, and how the Eagles looked good, just not good enough, though Gabe likes that they covered the spread. Corey meanwhile, is no where to be seen, as it's possible he is still sulking over his Cowboys loss to the Rams. Corey's Mayoral Chief of Staff, Alex Fasano, joins the show to let the gang know that Corey respects the fact that the Cowboys lost, but does not want any callers on the Eagles or Oklahoma, and Gabe thinks Corey is doing everything to block out the demise of his Cowboys to the Rams. The fall of the Eagles Super Bowl defense has Corey thinking this is it for Nick Foles, who will find another home and become the next Ryan Fitzpatrick; Gabe and Michelle defend Foles, saying no matter what happened yesterday, Foles is a Philadelphia legend. Callers get on Corey, including Bob in Vermont who gets in to a shouting match with the Mayor of Harlem. Talking about the NFL commentary from this season, Gabe says both Tony Romo and Jason Witten that they both criticize the Cowboys too much, and Corey Vince Wilfork needs to shut up. The gang finishes the hour with Gabe thinking the NFL has the best-case scenario with any of the possible Super Bowl matchups. <p>The second level of the show starts with Gabe saying that he felt the Eagles, even though they were up 14-0, were not going to pull through, but again, happy they covered the spread. Michelle tells Bryce Harper and Manny Machado enough is enough, pick a team to play for, get over yourselves, and get off of her lawn; Gabe loves seeing two polarizing players like Machado and Harper still not have new teams to play for in 2019. Speaking of baseball, Corey says baseball is not good for TV, but Michelle has a counter, saying she watches much more baseball than any other sport. Drunk Brad calls in to say he is sad about the Cowboys, but drinks in their name as he feels they had a great season. Corey, preaching how people need to "be the change they want to see," has Gabe and Michelle worried that Corey has completely lost touch with reality. <p>The final level of the show starts with the gang talking about the Baseball Hall of Fame, with Gabe saying if guys like Andy Petitte (known PED user) are allowed in the Hall of Fame, then guys like Roger Clemens and Barry Bonds should also be allowed in Cooperstown. The gang argues how the Patriots can be a dynasty, with Gabe saying the Patriots are consistently in the finals, even without going to the Super Bowl, and that Tom Brady always gives his team a chance to win. On the other hand, guys like Andrew Luck and Philip Rivers, choked under the spotlight, while the Eagles are a team that just lost to a better team than them. Talking about the Clemson football team going to visit the White House, the gang questions if it is still an issue for college teams to visit the White House, amid all the issues with professional players and visiting President Trump.

  • Friday, January 11th, 2019: Divisional Round predictions, Foles is Cinderella, Get Off Gabe's Lawn, Myck Aussie, Teddy Covers, Michelle's weather report, and more...

    Gabe Morency and Michelle Serpico open the show talking about how they will miss Corey today, but know there will more good takes today. Gabe talks about how everyone tries to talk up poor weather conditions and snow for the playoffs, but Gabe reminds everyone that when it comes with the territory, and feels frigid weather and snow are part of the playoffs, calling it "football weather." Gabe tells Michelle the Eagles need a miracle to beat the Saints this weekend, and compares the Eagles to a Cinderella story, but Michelle somehow does not know the story too well. Gabe brings up how Tim Tebow got engaged, and Michelle questions if Tebow is still a virgin. Gabe doesn't understand how Kliff Kingsbury, new Cardinals head coach, could only win 5 games with Pat Mahomes as his quarterback when he was coaching him at Texas Tech. With Corey not in attendance for the show, Gabe and Michelle can be thankful for not hearing, "how 'bout them Cowboys," and how Michelle threatens physical violence to anyone who says the phrase to her. Gabe and Michelle break down how the Knicks and Kings are working on a trade involving Enes Kanter and Zack Randolph. <p>The second level of the show starts with Gabe saying you should never mess with Marcus Morris, but also notes that he and Jalen Brown's altercation on the bench was more like "two buddies getting in to a stupid argument," and not necessarily being an all-out fight. Another person you may not want to mess with, Myck Aussie, joins the show to talk about the best betting odds for the Divisional Round, and gives Michelle some food tips when going to an Australian restaurant. Gabe's Get Off My lawn segment looks at the celebration rules in the NFL, and how he likes the coordinated celebrations, but it goes too far with celebrating turnovers. Talking about how players seem to be more about marketing and branding themselves, Gabe says if these guys were more about winning, the branding and marketing will come to them, and says a great "marketing" inspiration should someone like Drew Brees or Tom Brady. Looking at the issue that there is a racial division between black and white coaches, saying the biggest problem has to do with the GM's being stupid, and cites the success of Colts head coach Frank Reich. Michelle's weekend forecast includes a possible snowstorm in Kansas City, and frigid temperatures in Foxboro, but nice weather in Los Angeles, and a dome in New Orleans. Looking at how Tom Brady is 7-0 against Phillip Rivers in the playoffs, Gabe says this game will come down to the play of the two future Hall of Fame quarterbacks, but the Chargers defense will terrorize Tom Brady.  <p>The final hour of the show starts with Gabe saying he usually saves all of his talk and complaining for after, remaining silent during football games, though will get angry at some calls during Bills games. Teddy Covers joins the show to give his best bets and player props for the Divisional Round games this weekend. Teddy says the Patriots look quite mediocre, but worries that Phillip Rivers may overthrow a lot of passes. Michelle brings up how the man who interviewed R. Kelly for the documentary was fired because he tried to tell R. Kelly not to say he does not shave sex with minors. Gabe and Michelle finish the show giving their picks for the weekend, and also talk about the Shrieking Northwestern fan being asked by the school to stop her screaming.

  • Thursday, January 10th, 2019: Gabe's new prop, going off a Kliff, Little Man, turnover celebrations, Get Off Frank's Lawn, Nick Foles thrives under pressure, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show with Gabe showing his new "bad take bell," thinking he will break it every time Corey has a bad take. Gabe goes off on the latest coaching carousel moves, calling the Cardinals signing of Kliff Kingsbury a big fat F grade. Corey gets upset that due to new policy, and not that he called one of the wait staff little man, he had to buy his own beverage from the Versa bar; Gabe and Michelle think the reason he had to buy his drink was because of his nickname for the waiter. The gang talks about how he tried to go over the Nets bench at the Barclays Center, with Corey saying security did not think you were trying to give the team a pep talk. Michelle talks about how the girl that has been harassed by Trevor Bauer has been getting threats, and the gang thinks even though Bauer, a known bully, is going over the top, she did open the can of worms in the first place. Michelle also doesn't understand why her Get Off My Lawn issue with JanuHairy is becoming so trendy, and Gabe talks about the "silky smooth" days of women wearing bell bottoms and low rider jeans. <p>The second level of the show starts with Gabe asking Corey why he sits in the corner most mornings "choking his chicken," with Corey saying it helps relieves stress; Michelle gives Corey a stress relieving belly rub. Michelle acknowledges that Bob in Vermont seems to be "over her," with Gabe thinking Bob may have found some affection towards Sooner Leesa. Gabe says he is against defensive players celebrating turnovers like they are touchdowns, calling it a "selfish, millennial thing," while Corey seems to love that there is equal opportunity for all players to celebrate. Frank Stampfl takes the place of Gabe in the Get Off My Lawn segment, as he tells the Jets, and new head coach Adam Gase, to stay far away from his lawn. The gang breaks down Frank's rant, citing how the Jets really should have gone with Mike McCarthy, even though many were hating on him, if the Jets were really set on using an NFL ready coach. Cam Stewart surprises the guys with a call-in, as the gang chats with him about the joke-of-a-hire in Kliff Kingsbury with the Cardinals, and also gives his betting odds for the Divisional round weekend. Cam also shows off his baking skills, as he makes some biscuits that the gang can't eat, because he is stuck in his prison cell in Canada. <p>The final hour of the show begins with the gang talking about how Nick Foles success comes from him being able to look down the pass rush better than any other quarterback in the NFL. Gabe may not think Foles is the savior of the Eagles, but the fact that he has the best passer rating when under pressure, that should be enough to stop calling him an underdog, but Corey still calls Foles nothing more than a joke and a journeyman. Coach nick joins the show to talk about the development of Zion Williamson, the state of the Timberwolves now that Tom Thibodeau is gone, and Steph Curry doing his best James Harden step-back impression. Michelle brings up how Nick Young is being investigated for robbery and battery, but Gabe thinks there is more to this story, thinking Young is a "pretty chill dude."

  • Wednesday, January 9th, 2019: Two thousand million dollars, sports team brands, NBA recap, D-Wats outfit, Before and After, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show arguing over the value of the Dallas Cowboys, with Michelle coming up with a new price value. Talking about the Cowboys brand, Gabe argues that the Maple Leafs are like the Cowboys, in that they have a big branding market like the Cowboys.  Talking about obnoxious fans, Gabe says many times his hatred for teams has nothing to do with the athletes, but how their fans and front office act, like Jerry Jones spending more money on a yacht than he did buy the Cowboys. Gabe finds it interesting that at one point, Donald Trump not only almost bought the Buffalo Bills, he turned down buying the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 for $50 Million, and are now worth almost $5 billion; Trump, of course, bought the New Jersey Generals. Gabe and Michelle find problems with Corey's mentality when it comes to sports history. Gabe brings up how Penny Hardaway said Zion Williamson reminds him a lot of Charles Barkley, but Gabe reminds everyone that the AAU players, like Zion, are much more privileged in their development. <p>The second level of the show starts with Gabe and Corey saying the Thunder are the biggest chokers in the NBA, citing their latest loss to the Timberwolves. The gang talks about how DeShaun Watson is calling out ESPN for making fun of his hoodie he wore at the National Championship game, with the gang thinking the ESPN writers giving athletes problems about their attire are racist. Gabe says when it comes to things before and after, he enjoys the before pictures of people trying to lose weight. Later, Drunk Brad calls the show, and Gabe says that the momentum on the Cowboys side started when Brad started calling in to the show, and that he should be allowed to party on Jerry Jones' new yacht. <p>The final level of the show starts with the gang calling Andrew Wiggins gutless, after learning he may have called someone on the Thunder a gay slur. The Prez joins the show to give his top betting picks for the Divisional round of the NFL playoffs, including why certain trends, like east coast teams heading to the west coast, have a big effect on playoff spreads. BSO's Robert Littal joins the show to talk about how he covered a man going around California licking doorbells.

  • Tuesday, January 8th, 2019: Clemson rolls on the tide, Get off Corey's Lawn, R. Kelly hypocrisy, dealing with a witch, BDN Foles in 'Nola, Rick Tittle, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show talking about how exciting the CFP Championship game started, and Gabe saying that the NFL has become painfully boring. One of the big hot takes around the NFL is that the Jets are all in on trading for Antonio Brown, but the gang thinks the Jets need to get a head coach before thinking about making deals for a talented head case like Brown. Gabe compares the issues around Brown and Le'Veon Bell, with Brown being an immature and jealous jerk (he did flip out learning that JuJu Smith-Schusster won team MVP), and Bell just being all about the money; the gang agrees the Jets should go sign Bell, a free agent, instead of trading for a head case like Brown. With baseball around the corner, the gang talks about how the Indians finally got rid of the Chiefs Wahoo mascot, and how Trevor Bauer, on the cusp of harassing a girl on twitter, is one of the biggest jerks in the game. Michelle finishes the show talking about Madonna possibly having butt implants, with Gabe and Corey saying it looks awful. <p> The second level of the show starts with the gang talking with Sooner Leesa going off on Corey, who called Oklahoma Sooners "dumbasses," and goes on to say the only dumbass is Corey, picking Alabama to win. Corey tells R. Kelly, under scrutiny for a documentary that is trying to prove he is a child molesting cult leader, to Get Off His Lawn! Gabe says that R. Kelly, and his perversion of young girls, is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to hypocrisy among the American elite, and gives examples like opioids being the biggest problem in America, while the biggest advertisers on Lifetime, the network airing the R. Kelly documentary, are pharmaceutical companies. <p>The final level of the show starts with Gabe saying that Alabama looked confused and frustrated from the get go, and also thinks they had a cake walk to the Championship; though, so did Clemson. Gabe tells a story about hooking up with a girl that many had said was "a witch," and how Gabe thinks the girl had put a hex on him, which led to Gabe living on the streets of Los Angeles. Looking at some more black magic, the gang wonders if Nick Foles can bring his playoff touch to New Orleans, or if the Saints will dish out some voodoo spells on the Eagles momentum. Rick Tittle of Sports Byline USA joins the show to talk about Clemson's dominant defense, as well as their game script being a factor in confusing Alabama.

  • Monday, January 7th, 2019: NFL Wild Card recap, Bears fail, Pete Yannapoulus, wrestling blood sport, CFP Championship Preview and prediction, and more...

    Gabe morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show talking about how Gabe thought the Bears would win, and how Corey said months ago that the Bears offense was too inept to go anywhere other than a first round exit in the playoffs. Pete Yannappoulus joins the show to gloat about the Cowboys with Corey, and talk about the Timberwolves firing head coach Tom Thibodeau. Gabe, explaining how the Cowboys and Dak Prescott played a great game, can't understand how Corey can still find flaws in Prescott, noting it doesn't matter what his stats say if the team wins. Michelle talks about how a wrestler shoved a used tampon down her opponents mouth...much to uneasy stomachs of Gabe, Corey, and the rest of the world. <p>The second level of the show starts with Corey and Gabe arguing if Clemson has any shot against Alabama, citing the strength of each team's schedule. The use of a tampon by Prissila Kelly during a wrestling match, in which she shoved the sanitary napkin down her opponents mouth, has the gang questioning if that is the most disgusting thing they have ever seen in wrestling, or any sport; Gabe reminds everyone that the stunt was just that...a stunt! Gabe finishes the hour acknowledging Kevin Spacey appearing in court for sexual assault, but also defends the fact that his victim not only lied about his age, but that Spacey had his hand down his pants for three full minutes.  <p>The final hour of the show starts with Gabe getting breaking news from Chris Bones that award winning actor Christian Bale was arrested for assault of his mother, giving Gabe more fuel to the fire that is his hatred of the hypocrites of Hollywood. The gang brings up how people in the entertainment industry can be considered nice, but have horrible moments, much like when legendary radio voice Casey Kasem had a meltdown after getting a death dedication wrong. Gabe and Corey break down and preview the CFP Championship, with Corey thinking Alabama keeps wins their second National Title in a row, and Gabe saying to take Clemson covering the spread.

What's Good Wit Ya!

The Clemson Tigers celebrated their National Championship yesterday at the White House. When I first heard that Clemson was going to be at the White House yesterday my first thought was "wow that was quick, they haven’t even been champs for a week yet." When the event started it hit me why it was done so quickly. Clemson Head Coach and good ol' boy Dabo Sweeney decided to let his team be used as a political prop for the president. I don’t expect much from the clown in the White House, but I do expect more from Sweeney. The Clemson Tigers players were served Big Macs, fries and pizza at the White House. The reason for this was said to be because of the government shutdown. Instead of these players being proud of the moment they were used as political props. Dabo, you know better, so next time do better.



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