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Quarterback Strategies


FANTASY FOOTBALL – QB Tips, Trends and Takes gives a complete QB breakdown entering the 2015 fantasy football season and tells you everything you need to know to draft your QB this year

Wild Card Playoffs - Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers

FANTASY FOOTBALL – Quarterback Value in 2 QB Leagues takes a look at what the true value of Quarterbacks should be in 2 QB leagues. Surprisingly they don’t believe the value of them should change much, if at all. They believe that despite not having good QBs, if you can draft the top player remaining regardless of position at each pick you will provide yourself with a more stable roster and a better chance at winning…

Tennessee Titans v Denver Broncos

FNTSY SPORTS TODAY REPLAY – Quarterback Strategies & Rankings

FNTSY Sports Today’s Laura Diakun, Corey Erdman and Pat Mayo share their quarterback strategies and give your their first impressions on this year’s group of elite QB’s. Is Peyton Manning due for a letdown? Who is the #2 signal caller off the board? Drew Brees or Aaron Rodgers? Matt Stafford or Nick Foles? The panel breaks it all down.


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