Hour 3: MLB New...

Think you know who is going to win on Sunday? Don’t go to the bettin...
Hour 3: MLB News, NHL DFS, Props, Bets and More 53:43
Hour 3: Kaepernick, NFL, NBA Storylines and News 53:43
Hour 3: Bryce Harper Watch, Kershaw's Injury and Trevor Bauer 54:29
Feb. 22, Hour 3: Ben Roethlisberger a leader?, Zion Williamson, "Billions" season 4 preview 50:09
Feb. 22nd Hour: Fantasy Baseball 2019: Shortstop Preview, Sleepers, and Busts 54:07
Feb. 22 Hour 1&2: Robert Kraft, Marwin Gonzalez signs with the Twins, Sonny Gray has great value, Jacob DeGrom is one of Adam's Favs, Latest mock draft, Vlad Sedler joins the show 01:27:56
Feb. 22nd, Hour 3: NBA overs, Boeheim on the sideline, AAF vs XFL, Mike Decourcy, and more... 54:21
Drew Dinkmeyer's NBA DFS Lineup, College Basketball Picks, NHL DFS Lineup, NBA is Back, Best Bets 50:11
Zion's Injury, NBA is Back, College Basketball Preview, Lionel Hollins Interview, Gabe Going to Toronto 01:42:07
WGC Mexico Fantasy Golf Picks and Preview 55:25
Hour 3: Closers, First Basemen, and Tout Wars Strategies 53:51
2019 Season Preview and Clash at Daytona Picks 42:27
Super Bowl Reaction, Anthony Davis Maneuver, NBA Trade Deadline 49:57
Championship Weekend Edition, Dynasty Over?, Two Overtimes, Rams and Patriots 26:58
Best Bowl Performances and National Championship Preview: Alabama Defense and Best Bets 53:36