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FANTASY FOOTBALL – Week 7 FLEX Rankings & NFL Preview


Weekend Injury Update – Week 7 FLEX Rankings

Jimmy Graham is out 2-3 weeks with a shoulder injury. NO WAIT!!!! He’s playing this weekend against the Lions. NO WAIT!!!! Maybe he’s not. J-J-JJIMMMMAYYY is giving me a headache. After he practiced on a limited basis Thursday and Friday, you’re now left to wait it out Sunday morning to see what the final verdict is on Graham’s status. I suggest watching MEEEEEEEEE Sunday from noon to 1 ET on FNTSY Sports Network where I’ll be providing LIVE SPIN on what to do concerning Graham. Do that, OK? If you can’t, basically, I’m giving Jimmy the Calvin Johnson treatment – I’m assuming he’s a decoy. Still, even if he only sees five targets, that still makes him more valuable than most TEs. So, if Graham is a go, i’d still start these tight ends over him:

  1. Julius Thomas
  2. Greg Olsen
  3. Delanie Walker
  4. Jordan Cameron
  5. Antonio Gates
  6. Martellus Bennett
  7. Jordan Reed
  8. HEY VERN Davis

Thinking about FLEXing Graham? Then I suggest consulting the giant list at the bottom of the page. The fact he actually practiced Friday, even on a limited basis, is a good indicator he’ll be playing.

TRADE: Percy Harvin, Doug Baldwin, Jermaine Kearse Spin
Week 7 Rankings: FLEX | QB | RB | WR | TE & D/ST
Week 7: Matchup Preview | FAAB Bids | RB Adds | WR Adds 
Week 7: Injury Report | RB Tandem Value | Start/Sit |Bye Week Adds

Kevin Benjamin’s availability won’t be known until an hour before kickoff either, but he’s improved every day this week and just has to pass a concussion test Sunday morning to get on the field. I expect him to play and dominate (per usual) against the Packers. However it never hurts to have a backup plan in place, just in case. That back up plan is Jerricho Cotchery. He’d gain the most value without Benjamin in uniform. #BREAKTHEWALLSDOWN

FUN WITH RUNNING BACK NEWS!!! Jonathan Stewart is starting in Carolina. Terrific. Call me when he actually does something. Stewart may sneak in a touchdown (MAYBE TWO!!!), but if you’re counting on that, I’ll keep you in my prayers. Let me ask you, when was the last time Stewart rushed for over 100 yards in a game? That right, Week 11 2011. He’s had the job to himself since yet the opportunities never materialize.

St. Louis OC Brian Scottenheimer has said the Rams will go with a “hot hand” approach at RB. It’s strange, many coaches say this, but I’ve never actually seen it put into practice. This is merely coach speak. I’d expect Zac Stacy to continue seeing a plurality of the touches, but really, against the Seahawks, how much is he really going to do? In every league where I missed out on Isaiah Crowell (which isn’t many), I’ve picked up Tre Mason as an upside bench stash. He could be starter in a few weeks. Better to grab him now for free, if you have the bench room, rather than being complacent and being put into a position where you’ll have to blow the remainder of your FAAB budget to acquire his services.

Calvin Johnson looks to be missing another week and it appears like Eric Ebron will be joining him in street attire because of a wonky hamstring. With Christian Joseph Fauria already out, the Lions promoted practice squad TE Jordan Thompson to play against the Saints. I wouldn’t expect much from Thompson, but NFL All-Drop teamer, Brandon Pettigrew may see some work due to lack of options. I’m actually benching Matthew Stafford in a bunch of leagues for Carson Palmer, Brian Hoyer, Joe Flacco and  Andy Dalton (in that order) and I bet the under 48.5 very, very heavily. So I’m ALL IN on this move.

Also, if you’re wondering why Pierre Thomas is ranked so highly this week? Pass catching RBs SCORE Fantasy points against the Lions. Period. Other RBs, not so much.

Percy Harvin Trade – Week 7 FLEX Rankings UPDATE

Ol’ classless Percy Harvin, having the gall to make Fantasy writers work late on a Friday – HOW DARE YOU SIR, HOW DARE YOU!!!! Anyway, Harvin’s been traded from Seattle to the Jets and will now go on bye for the second time this season, with New York having played Thursday night.

Here’s the skinny:

Percy Harvin – Despite moving to an inferior offense, Harvin should still be considered a fringe Top 30 WR in PPR formats, with the potential to be a lot better. Basically the same as he was in Seattle. However his market value is far less than that, so a buying window has inched open to acquire Harvin’s services for 30-cents on the dollar – I’m looking at you Storm Johnson! You can probably get him for even less if the Harvin owner in your league needed him to start this weekend and have no alternatives. Offer up Allen Robinson, Marcus Wheaton or Andrew Hawkins and see if they accept. It’s always worth exploring. Just remember, Harvin is in no way a “sure thing” to be a starter on your squad even three weeks from now; a move to New York could cripple his value. Yet, I’m approaching Harvin as a commodity: his ceiling and value as an appreciating asset – if he delivers right away – is worth a low risk investment. And, with his speed and big play ability, Harvin could give defenses problems the first time he’s used in new packages, more so because of the Geno Smith’s mobility. Essentially, if Harvin has a great first game with the Jets, his value will immediately swell (people love them some overreaction) and becomes someone you can flip for three times what you paid. You don’t want to have rely on him to be great, but if you’re near the top of the standings and you wouldn’t need him to start right away, it’s a calculated gamble to improve your team for a discount.

Russell Wilson – Value remains unchanged.

Eric Decker – Will likely lose a few targets, but Harvin’s presence may actually draw defenders away from him. He gets a slight bump in value.

Marshawn Lynch – #BEASTMODE is sneakily the big winner. No more wasting time with Harvin bubble screens and reverses that don’t work.

Jermaine Kearse and Doug Baldwin – The Seahawks offense tends to go a different route every week, so expectations for the duo should be tempered. I prefer Kearse to Baldwin as someone to put on my bench, but I do believe Baldwin is a safer bet for 6-12 Fantasy points per week. If I needed to start one of the two in Week 7, it’d be Baldwin. But, if you’re in a position where you have a roster spot available, Kearse’s vertical ability fused with an anticipated boost in targets leaves him with a higher ceiling. So far, I’ve picked up Kearse as a stash in a bunch of leagues, sending Chris Johnson, Andrew Hawkins, Khiry Robinson, Robert Woods, Steven Jackson, James White, Jason Witten, Maurice-Jones Drew, John Brown, Matt Asiata and Jarius Wright directly to the waiver wire – GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE!!! In other leagues, I had the choice of cutting Malcom Floyd, Cecil Shorts, Brian Quick, Odell Beckham Jr., Terrance Williams, Kennan Allen, Cordarrelle Patterson, Andre Holmes, Isaiah Crowell, Tre Mason, Knile Davis and Travis Kelce for either and decided against it.

Paul Richardson, Richardo Lockette, Luke Willson and Zack Miller – They all make spec adds in 16-plus team and ultra deep bench leagues, but are merely “do something first guys to put on your watch list.

GENO PICKSSSSSSS!!!! – If Harvin ends up being good it could make Geno a middling QB2, matchup based streamer or cheap DFS play.

Chris Ivory and Chris Johnson – Nothing really changes for them. Ivory remains a Top 25 RB while CJ2TrentRichrdson should be cut in most leagues.

THE FLEXPERT v14.7 – Week 7 FLEX Rankings

I’ve always been bad at breaking up. I tried it once. We stayed together another eight months. It was excruciating. The aftermath was almost as bad. And, whether I wanted out or not, the post-relationship antics always play out in the same painful way. Well, since social media’s existed, at least. You can’t escape your former significant other. They’re everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, the photos currently developing in that secret film lab hidden in your closet behind those suits you wear twice a year – hipster stalking. You go through a terrible period of self-doubt, questioning whether you made the correct decision every time you see them upload another pic with their new fling. Except, you don’t even know who that other person is. You assume it’s their new steamy lover, but, in reality, it’s more than likely some drunk that landed a successful full frame photo bomb. Regardless, it’s tough to not to be affected. Overcoming that despair usually manifests itself in the form of drinking yourself into an emotionless stupor to appease the agony, or aimlessly clicking on “parent text fails” – the internet version of getting blackout – until you just don’t feel anything anymore.

Don’t have time for that? Then I suggest Tinder, where breaking up is as easy as erasing “Tinder Laura” from your phone’s contact list. In a real – longer than two hour – relationship, however, exiling a person who’s been so engrained in your life is both emotionally and practically difficult. How do you divvy up your mutual friends? Who keeps the living room coffee table? What about the dog? THE DOGGG????? I mean, if you were Stalin it’d be easy. You’d merely make them an “un-person” and move on. Unpersoning individuals is still the closest real life equivalent to the memory wipe machine from Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind. Except, instead of wiping your memory to the score of a catchy ELO tune, your existence would simply be stricken from the history books.

Dropping a player that you’ve been heavily invested in is basically the same. In fact, it may be worse, as you likely care more about your Fantasy team than someone you don’t want to be with. But it works the same. You drafted Keenan Allen in the third round this year, and he’s been a colossal disappointment. Now you face a conundrum: drop him for some new hot thing or cling to the hope that he’ll return your investment. Losing such a formerly high-valued talent is one thing – cutting him loose and watching him turn up in a month’s time, down 15 pounds and with a sexy new haircut would be crushing. So you need to ask yourself: is it worth it? Will I find somebody better?

Week 7: FAAB Bids | RB Adds | WR Adds | Bye Week Adds
Week 7 Rankings: QB | RB | WR | TE & D/ST
Week 7: RB Tandem Value | Start/Sit | Survivor Picks

That’s where decision-making gets dicey. Luckily, I’m the bearer of good news. I’ve created a super scientific formula, one that’s indisputably accurate, to solve these roster riddles. I’ll bet you didn’t know I loved math so much; I’m a true outlier in that sense. So, take a hike Pro Football Focus, Mayo’s Keep/Drop equation is revolutionary. Not to overstate it, but it’s essentially the Che Guevara of formulas. Who’s Che Guevara? First, seriously? Second, he’s that bearded fella with the commie star on his v.1.0 Kangol that’s on the only poster hanging from your stoner buddy’s bedroom wall.

This rating system is set for 10- and 12-team redraft leagues. If you have a quandary for a keeper, dynasty, 2QB or whatever weird rules you play, plug your settings and the player in question into my advanced algorithm to generate an answer.

Also, don’t discount roster construction. All of these players can sway from keep to drop based on your situation. If you took Zac Stacy to be your RB2, but landed Fred Jackson and Ahmad Bradshaw late in the draft, you really don’t need Stacy. There’s more upside to be had on the waiver wire with the likes of Isaiah Crowell, Jerick McKinnon and Ronnie Hillman. If Stacy is your only decent RB and you have Dexter McCluster and Bobby Rainey as backups, it’s probably not the best idea to cut ties just yet. Of course, I don’t have an explicit knowledge of what your team looks like – even the Patriot Act couldn’t get me that info – so extrapolate the reasoning to fit your own needs. Just remember, you should always be trying to maximize the potential of each one of your roster spots. If you already have three legit WRs, ones that you start every week, it makes no sense to hold a low upside player like Andre Roberts or Torrey Smith. You want to fill that spot with a player that oozes upside like Davante Adams, Markus Wheaton or Andre Holmes. All those players could jump into the Top 25 at the position and morph into starters or trade assets for your squad. It probably won’t be the case, but it doesn’t matter, you’re not playing them anyway. Every player in Fantasy is worth something different to each member of your league.

My Keep/Drop formula will be evaluated based on four (well, five) factors on a scale from 1 to 100. If you need explanation on how a rating system like that works, I suggest furthering your education:

Upside – The impact a player can have if his full potential is realized.

Current Usage – The player’s current role based on variables like snap count, targets, focus of team’s game plan, health, etc.

Asset AppreciationJames Starks may outscore Eddie Lacy over the remainder of the season, but that’s irrelevant. Lacy will be the more valuable trade asset all season because of perception and expectations. One really good game inflates Lacy’s value 10x while a solid showing from Starks will simply raise questions about his long-term viability. Knowing your opponents’ preconceived biases is essential if you’re someone who enjoys putting the winning strategy of selling high and buying low into practice. In fact, it’s the only thing that matters. Name value doesn’t translate into actual Fantasy value except when you’re buying/selling based on name recognition. Use perceived expectations to your advantage.

Projected chance of regaining assumed production – How likely is that player to recapture what we expected him to be when we took him in the first place based on players in front of him, regression to the mean in terms of luck, etc

BONUS FACTOR: Team naming rights (Maximum Added Value, 10 Points) – Can construct a hilarious team name based around that player. Trust me, I generally draft based on this alone. If you have a funny team name that’s based on a player you don’t own, then you’re a loser and I hate you. Get some creativity, PALLLLL!!!!

If a player scores above 240 (60th-percentile and above), then keep him. If not, kick his ass to the waiver wire.

Keenan Allen

Potential Upside: 81
Current Usage: 65
Asset Appreciation: 90
Projected Change: 57
Team Naming Rights: 1 (Keenan Allen Wayans isn’t as funny as you may think)
Total: 299

Note: It’s going to take one massive performance for Allen to regain his value. So, bench him until that happens, and then trade him. Get your value back that way.

Verdict: KEEP

Chris Johnson

Potential Upside: 60
Current Usage: 23
Asset Appreciation: 43
Projected Change: 40
Team Naming Rights: 0
Total: 166

Note: Johnson is barely playing on passing downs these days. You can’t play him based of his production so far and even if he has a good game, are you buying it? He desperately needs Chris Ivory to get hurt to recoup value. I don’t like banking on injuries unless the upside dictates it, like Crowell. CJ2ypc just doesn’t have it anymore. 

Verdict: DROP

Zac Stacy

Potential Upside: 63
Current Usage: 44
Asset Appreciation: 41
Projected Change: 20
Team Naming Rights: 3
Total: 171

Note: Don’t you get the feeling Tre Mason is about to Zac Stacy, Zac Stacy? With the way the Rams’ running game has usage for a volume runner that needs to be fed the ball.

Verdict: DROP

Cordarrelle Patterson

Potential Upside: 85
Current Usage: 35
Asset Appreciation: 100
Projected Change: 50
Team Naming Rights: 5
Total: 270

Note: Like Allen, just one game with two 20-plus yards runs/receptions and everyone will be drinking the Kool-Aid again. Dealing CP will take discipline because you’ll be enamored with his upside all over again after you witness it, but you must have the strength to sell high when the time comes. He’s just going to be too inconsistent week-to-week. 

Verdict: KEEP

Doug Martin

Potential Upside: 72
Current Usage: (Nintendo) 64
Asset Appreciation: 72
Projected Change: 55
Team Naming Rights: 0
Total: 263

Note: Despite losing some targets to Bobby Rainey, Martin’s still playing a majority of the snaps – over 2:1. Eventually, that will pay dividends. Tampa Bay just needs to stop losing by 50 every second week.

Verdict: KEEP

C.J. Spiller

Potential Upside: 100
Current Usage: 16
Asset Appreciation: 100
Projected Change: 35
Team Naming Rights: -10 (If you’ve ever named your team “Natural Born ___iller” you need to stop Googling “funny fantasy football team names” or thinking you’re really clever.)
Total: 241

Note: Keeping Spiller depends on your perception of him. If you think you can start him while Fred Jackson is healthy, you’re a moron. You can’t. He’s proven that. However, if you think of him more like Knile Davis, a top handcuff, then he’s worth holding. If Jamaal Charles goes down, Davis is instantly a Top 10 RB. Same thing with Spiller. Since the beginning of 2012, in games when F JAX has been inactive, Spiller’s AVERAGING 20-plus Fantasy points per game in PPR formats. It depends on your situation. I dropped him this week in a 10-team league for Ronnie Hillman and scooped him up in a 12-team league because I lost Knowshon Moreno

Verdict: KEEP/DROP

Justin Hunter

Potential Upside: 85
Current Usage: 70
Asset Appreciation: 70
Projected Change: 75
Team Naming Rights: 0
Total: 300

Note: Hunter’s value is tied to his QB. He’s seeing a high volume of targets, his snaps have jumped to over 90-percent the last two weeks and his aDOT – 18.6 – trails only the brothers Floyd, Michael & Malcom of all receivers playing more than 50-percent of their team’s snaps. You should not only be keeping him, but buying low on Hunter’s services if you don’t have him. Eventually, Charlie Whitehurst won’t be the Titans QB anymore – if my prayers do anything. 

Verdict: KEEP

Roddy White

Potential Upside: 70
Current Usage: 75
Asset Appreciation: 54
Projected Change: 60
Team Naming Rights: 7  (You’ll know it when you see it.)
Total: 266

Note: White’s clearly the number WR2 in Atlanta to Julio Jones, but the Falcons pass enough to make him a viable WR3 on Fantasy teams. If you’re still holding out hope he’ll revert back into ultra-consistent, low end WR1 Roddy White from years past, now’s the proper time to stop diluting yourself.

Verdict: KEEP

Jason Witten

Potential Upside: 50
Current Usage: 40
Asset Appreciation: 35
Projected Change: 20
Team Naming Rights: 0
Total: 145

Note: Since Dallas’ offensive line is so good, the Cowboys are content with running the ball as as much as possible. And even when they do pass, Witten is blocking on far more snaps than he’s been used to over his career. He’ll have weeks where he’s productive, but they’ll be few and far between. Witten is nothing more than a fill in TE or streaming option.

Verdict: DROP

Matthew Stafford

Potential Upside: 90
Current Usage: 50
Asset Appreciation: 30
Projected Change: 80
Team Naming Rights: 5
Total: 255

Verdict: Trust me Stafford owners, as I’m going through the same thing, you’ll eventually be fine… as long as Calvin Johnson returns to full health. Until that happens, though, I’m exploring the waiver wire for QBs with awesome matchups. 

Verdict: KEEP

Percy Harvin

Potential Upside: 90
Current Usage: 45
Asset Appreciation: 85
Projected Change: 55
Team Naming Rights: 6
Total: 281

Note: Eventually, Pete Carroll will realize that there’s more to Harvin’s skill set than bubble screens and reverses… I hope.

Verdict:  KEEP

Wes Welker

Potential Upside: 55 (Standard)/85 (PPR)
Current Usage: 40
Asset Appreciation: 75
Projected Change: 50
Team Naming Rights: 4 (But only if you’re into Homestar Runner)
Total: 224 (Standard)/ 254 (PPR)

Note: If Welker is never going to sniff 100 yards or score double-digit TDs, he’s useless in a standard league. In PPR formats, the potential for receptions with Peyton Manning throwing him the ball is still too high to let loose.

Verdict: DROP/KEEP

Carlos Hyde

Potential Upside: 70
Current Usage: 35
Asset Appreciation: 80
Projected Change: 35
Team Naming Rights: 5
Total: 225

Note: Hyde would be something if Frank Gore ever got hurt. But he never does.

Verdict: DROP

Trent Richardson

Potential Upside: 0
Current Usage: Too Much
Asset Appreciation: 0
Projected Change: 0
Team Naming Rights: 10 (Only if it’s trashing him)
Total: -10000000000000

Note: T-Rich blows.



I get you hated Frasier as a kid. I did too. Turns out, it was the last truly great three-camera sitcom. Do yourself the favor and give it another chance. Unless you have no idea what the word “allusion” means. Then I suggest you stick to a show that doesn’t require any reflection or thought, like Big Bang Theory or Sons of Anarchy.

WEEK 7 Top 20 QBs (Most Updated QB RANKS)

  1. Aaron Rodgers
  2. Andrew Luck
  3. Peyton Manning
  4. I’m Philip Rivers?
  6. Smokin’ Jay Cutler
  7. Russell Wilson
  8. Tom Brady
  9. Tony Romo
  10. Drew Brees
  11. Carson Palmer
  12. Chef Hoyardee
  13. HELLO JOE Flacco. Iron helps him play!
  14. Andy “GINGERVITUS” Dalton
  15. Gonzo Kaepernick
  16. Matthew Stafford
  17. Eli Manning Face
  18. Alex Smith
  19. Kirk Les Cousins Dangereux
  20. Matt Ryan


  1. CAR/GB
  2. MIA/CHI
  3. NO/DET
  4. CIN/IND
  5. CLE/JAX
  6. TEN/WAS
  7. ATL/BAL
  8. MIN/BUF
  9. SEA/STL


NE over NYJ


  1. CLE
  2. SEA
  3. NE
  4. HOU
  5. BUF
  6. ARZ
  7. BAL
  8. DEN
  9. MIN
  10. DET


NYG +7


Carson Palmer at OAK
Brandon Marshall vs MIA
Reggie Bush vs NO
Brandon Lloyd at DEN


If you don’t consider Fred Jackson a Top 10 RB, you’re doing it wrong.

Wanna inject some risky upside in to your Week 7 lineup? Then take the guy with best blend of matchup and talent: Isaiah Crowell against the Jags. Devotees already know my adoration for Crowell as a bench stash, he’s the top guy, but this is a week you can actually use him with a modicum of confidence. Jacksonville has allowed the fourth-most rushes of 20-plus yards this season ANNNDDDD Crowell sits second of any RB in breakaway percentage – that’s percentage of yards gained on runs of at least 15 yards. While he may not continue to score TDs once every 11 carries long term, he just may this week.

You’d only assume Carson Palmer will be healthier this week when he’s in Oakland. Unless his shoulder nerves are narcoleptic or something. Hope that’s not case. But, Palmer has the best blend of matchup and weapons of the potential waiver wire streams. And while he’s not an elite talent, by any stretch of the imagination, the Raiders have no one to stop him. If you’ve been killed by a Calvin Johnson-less Matt Stafford the last few weeks or simply don’t trust Matt Ryan on the road, you can count on Palmer as a Band-Aid in Week 7. Oh, this is a REVENGE GAME too.

Remember how much you loved Andre Williams when I hated him last week? We’ve reversed positions. I anticipate Williams making a mockery of the Cowboys’ run defense. Just like Marshawn Lynch should have last week, had he been given the chance.

Everyone knows looking at targets is the best way to mine consistency from a receiving option. And while I love Cecil Shorts’ workload more, Allen Robinson is no slouch. In fact, the last three weeks, Golden Tate, Julian Edelman and T.Y. Hilton are the sole wideouts with more targets and a higher catch rate than the Jags’ rook. Plus, Robinson surprisingly leads Jacksonville in aDOT, with his average depth of target sitting at a respectable 10.4.

I thought it was hard selling anyone on a Jags receiver, but a Raiders wideout? Almost impossible. Fortunately, I have numbers! James Jones has solidified himself has Derek Carr’s primary target over Oakland’s first five games, getting peppered with an average of seven targets each time he’s on the field, translating into three TDs for the burner. And Jones’ speed should get him on the board again against the Cardinals, who allow a stunning amount of long plays. Arizona ceded five plays of 20-plus yards last week alone, and 18 for the season. That’s actually more than the sacks they’ve reordered this year. And if ’Zona can’t generate pressure on Carr, he’ll be shockingly competent. And hitting Jones in stride. Or Andre Holmes. Both are abnormally high in the Week 7 FLEX Rankings.

Sell Shane Vereen now while his stock is so high in the wake of the Stevan Ridley injury. Sell him for even more if you wait and he goes off Thursday night. Never, ever trust a Bill Belichick backfield.

You know which running back has posted over 10 Fantasy points every week this season, other than DeMarco Murray? LeSean McCoy? NOPE. Jamaal Charles? Think again. Adrian Peterson? Pretty sure it’s not him. It’s Justin Forsett. Sneaky, sneaky Justin Forsett. He’s safe, reliable and, still, no one wants to play him. But you’re gonna wanna do that against Hotlanta. The Falcons brutal run D is giving up two rushing TDs PER WEEK and have struggled even more against pass catching RBs. They’ve played four dual threat backs so far this season and have allowed seven catches per contest to them. And Forsett, he’s the only one of the Ravens backfield triumvirate that can catch. And, you’d have to think, Baltimore wants to get him the ball. Over their past five games the Ravens are putting up 36.6 points whenever Forsett gets more than 10 carries, and only 19.5 when he doesn’t. John Harbaugh is no dummy.

Don’t let the box score fool you with Brian Hoyer. Consider his eight completions Sunday an aberration, not a steadfast rule. The numbers actually point to Hoyer completely dismantling the awful Jags D in Week 7. Chef Hoyardee sits fourth among QBs in average depth of target – aDOT – and while the Browns offense is generally considered low-risk, Hoyer’s averaging 8.2 yards per attempt, again, good for fourth in football. Compound all that with Jacksonville’s generosity to opposing pivots and you have the making of, excuse me, a damn fine cup of coffee stream.

What gives San Diego problems? Well, it didn’t seem like much until last week, then THE RAIDAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHSSSSSS of all teams exploited them in the passing game. Was it luck, or was there a good reason for it? There was. SIZE. And size, despite rumors to the contrary, matters. Dwayne Bowe, he’s got size. Four of the six non-RB receiving TDs the Chargers have given up this year have been to those 6’2” or taller. Bowe? He’s 6’2”, and will have plenty of opportunities. After his suspension, injury and a miserable return to kick off the season, Bowe’s actually averaged 10 targets in the three games previous to Kansas City entering its bye. Bowe will get his chances this week, and he’ll capitalize.

Listen, I don’t want to become predictable, but until people get the hint, Ima keep sayin’ it. I’ll even say it slowly so it registers. STREAM. DEFENSES. AGAINST. THE……….…. JAGS. After an 11-point performance in Week 6, the Titans became the sixth consecutive squad to post double-digit points against Jacksonville. And the Titans D isn’t very good. Just think what the Browns are gonna do to them.


NOTE: PPR scoring only truly affects outliers. PPR Ranks and Standard Ranks are similar with the exception extreme reception magnets like Pierre Thomas, Justin Forsett & Darren Sproles (PPR Positive) and the stonehanded Alfred Morris, Frank Gore & Stevan Ridley (PPR Negative).

Week 7: FAAB Bids | RB Adds | WR Adds | Bye Week Adds
Week 7 Rankings: QB | RB | WR | TE & D/ST
Week 7: RB Tandem Value | Start/Sit | Survivor Picks

Pat Mayo Hour – Week 7 Rankings Debate w/ Jake Ciely

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SHUNNED!!!: Ray Rice
RESHUNNED!!!: Adrian Peterson
ProbableCecil Shorts (Hammy), Eric Decker (Hammy), Maurice Jones-Drew (Hand), Vernon Davis (Ankle/Back), Jordan Reed (Hammy), Ladarius Green (Hammy)
Questionable: Tavon Austin (Knee), Marqise Lee (Ankle), Eddie Royal (Rib), Kelvin Benjamin (Dizzies), Jonathan Stewart (Leg), Reggie Bush X (Ankle), Toby Gerhart (Foot), Jimmy Graham (Shoulder), Vance McDonald (Knee), Joseph Fauria (Ankle)
Doubtful [Not Ranked]: Calvin Johnson (Ankle), Harry Douglas (Foot), A.J. Green (Toe), Rashad Jennings (Knee), Deangelo Williams (Thigh), Rabbi Shonn Greene (Hammy), Donald Brown (Concussion), Eric Ebron (Hammy)
Out: Victor Cruz (Knee), MARV Jones (Ankle), Ryan Mathews (Knee), Montee Ball (Knee), Knowshon Moreno (Knee), Stevan Ridley (Knee)
Keep Stashing: Josh Gordon (Suspension)

Week 7 FLEX Rankings

  1. Matt Forte
  2. Dez Dispenser Bryant
  3. Antonio Brown
  4. Jamaal Charles
  5. DeMarco Murray, Present
  6. Julius Thomas
  7. Arian Foster
  8. Julio Jones
  9. Jordy Nelson
  10. Brandon Marshall
  11. Demaryius Thomas
  12. Alshon Jeffery
  13. Le’Veon Bell
  14. Andre Ellington
  15. Marshawn Lynch
  16. Gio Bernard
  17. Kelvin BenJAMIN’
  18. Randall Cobb
  20. Greg Olsen
  21. Golden Tate III
  22. Emmanuel Sanders
  23. Rueben Randle
  24. Mike Wallace
  25. Michael Floyd
  26. Fred Jackson
  27. Ben Tate
  28. Branden Oliver
  29. Ronnie Hillman
  30. Justin Forsett
  31. Brandin Weber Cooks
  32. Cecil Shorts III
  33. Alfred Morris
  34. Ahmad Bradshaw
  35. Andre Williams
  36. Lamar THRILLER (Special Guest Rank: Mike Clay)
  37. Pierre Thomas
  38. Eddie Lacy
  39. Frank Gore
  40. Roddy White
  41. James Jones
  42. Sammy Watkins
  43. Mohamed Sanu
  44. Andre Johnson
  45. Marques Colston
  46. T.Y. “Gene Mean” Hilton
  47. Delanie Walker
  48. Jordan Cameron
  49. DeAndre Hopkins
  50. Pierre Garçon
  51. Allen Robinson
  52. The Wreck of the Larry Fitzgerald
  53. DeSean Jackson
  54. Wesley Welker
  55. Terrance Williams
  56. Michael CRABPEOPLE!!!
  57. Malcom Floyd
  58. Dwayne Bowe
  59. Andre Holmes
  60. Reggie Wayne
  61. Darren McFadden
  62. Antonio Gates
  63. Martellus Bennett
  64. HEY VERN Davis
  65. Jordan Reed
  66. Isaiah Crowell
  67. Jimmy Graham
  68. Second Worst RB of all time, Trent Richardson (Special Guest Rank: Mike Clay)
  69. Joique Bell
  70. Bishop Cranky
  71. Keenan Allen
  72. Justin Hunter
  73. Zac StacyFilm Credits: “Super Mario Bros.” as Goomba
  74. He went to Jerick McKinnon
  75. The New ODB, Odell Beckham Jr.
  76. Reggie Bush X
  77. TRAVIS KELCE!!!!!!!
  78. Jarvis Landry
  79. Doug Baldwin
  80. Jermaine Kearse
  81. Andrew Hawkins
  82. Anquan Boldin
  83. Kendall Wright
  84. Brian Quick
  85. Markus Cream of Wheaton: NOW WITH EXTRA GLUTEN!!!
  86. Super Storm Johnson
  87. Jarius Wright
  88. Torrey Smith
  89. Taylor “Sledgehammer” Gabriel
  90. Robert Woods
  91. Eddie Royal
  92. Jason Witten
  93. Dwayne Allen
  94. Owen Daniels
  95. Larry Donnell
  96. Scott Chandler
  97. Kenny Stills to Pay the Billz
  98. The Walls of Jerricho Cotchery
  99. Oh, hai Mark Ingram (Special Guest Rank: Mike Clay)
  100. Khiry Robinson
  101. Steven Jackson
  102. Jeremy Hill
  103. Antone Smith
  104. Carlos Hyde
  105. Matt Asiata
  106. Davante Adams
  107. Cordarrelle Patterson
  108. Miles Austin 316
  109. John Brown
  110. Stevie Johnson
  111. Ben Watson
  112. Coby Fleener
  113. Clay Harbor
  114. Heath Miller
  115. Chase Ford
  116. Garrett Graham
  117. Josh Hill
  118. Charles Dice Clay
  119. Eric Ebron
  120. Ladarius Green
  121. Andre Roberts
  122. Allen Hurns
  123. High Speed” Kenny Britt
  124. Nasty Nate Washington
  125. Greg Jennings
  126. Brandon Tate
  127. Brice Butler
  128. Marqise Lee
  129. Donnie Avery
  130. Dr. Jacoby Jones
  131. Dane Sanzenbacher
  132. Jason Avant
  133. Jarrett Boykin
  134. Travis All About the Benjamins
  135. Jeremy Ross
  136. Marlon Brown
  137. Donte Moncrief
  138. Lorenzo Taliaferro
  139. Juwan Thompson
  140. C.J. Spiller
  141. Fozzy Wozzy Whittaker
  142. Jonathan Stewart
  143. Maurice Jones-Drew
  144. Knile Davis
  145. Brandon Pettigrew
  146. Andrew Quarless
  147. Niles Paul
  148. Luke Willson
  149. James Starks
  150. Roy Helu Jr.
  151. Bernard Pierce
  152. Benny Cunningham, and his wife, Oprah
  153. Ace Sanders
  154. Brian Hartline
  155. Devin Hester
  156. Denarius Moore
  157. Lance Moore
  158. Stedman Bailey
  159. Danny Amendola
  160. Brandon Gibson
  161. Country Music Sensation Griff Whalen
  162. Austin Pettismile
  163. Santonio Holmes
  164. Tavon Austin
  165. Greg Little
  166. Rishard Matthews
  167. Chris Givens
  168. Frankie Hammond
  169. Brandon Lloyd
  170. Alfred Blue
  171. Peyton Hills
  172. LeGarrette Blount
  173. Dexter McCluster: Telling you not to LOL and Drive
  174. Tre Mason
  175. Anthony Dixon
  176. Joseph Randle
  177. THE OG DAWG – Chris Ogbonnaya
  178. Ka’Deem Carey
  179. Denard Dog Robinson
  180. Stepfan Taylor
  181. Jacquizz Rodgers
  182. Devonta Freeman
  183. Kyle Juszczyk
  184. Lance Dunbar
  185. Jonathan Grimes (Or, Grimey, as he likes to be called)
  186. Marcel Reece
  187. Travaris Cadet
  188. Terrence West
  189. Dri Archer #DANGERZONE
  190. Theo Riddick
  191. Mychal Rivera
  192. John Carlson
  193. Levine Trololo
  194. Jermaine Gresham
  195. Anthony Fasano
  196. Derek Carrier
  197. Zach Miller (SEA)
  198. Brandon Bostick
  199. Chris Gragg
  200. Rhett Ellison
  201. Robert Turbin
  202. DeAnthony Thomas
  203. Jordan Todman
  204. George Winn
  205. Christine Michael
  206. Darrin Reaves
  207. Jackie Battle
  208. Mike Williams
  209. Ryan Broyles
  210. Marquise Goodwin
  211. David Nelson
  212. Kenbrell Thompkins
  213. Cole Beasley
  214. Preston Parker
  215. Andre Caldwell
  216. C.J. Anderson
  217. Jalen Parmele
  218. Tauren Poole
  219. Silas Redd
  220. Latavius Murray
  221. Leon Washington
  222. Daniel Herron
  223. Silas Redd
  224. Bryce Brown
  225. Kris Durham
  226. Junior Hemingway


  1. Oh, hai Mark Ingram
  2. Lamar THRILLER
  3. Second Worst RB of all time, Trent Richardson
  4. Jared Cook

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