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Carlos Beltran

FANTASY BASEBALL – Week 13 Waiver Wire


At this stage of the game if you are looking on waivers, you should not be looking at names and you should not be looking for long-term solutions (as nice as those are).  No, your main focus should be numbers.  And when I say numbers, I don’t mean what a player has done to date; those numbers are meaningless (somewhat).  I’m talking recent numbers like the past 30 days, those are the numbers that matter most.  If you look at a player’s final line it can be deceiving.  You may see a hitter with a .240 average who got off to a horrible start, but over the last X number of days he may have turned things around.  Same thing applies to pitchers; you will easily pass over a player with an ERA over 4.50, but that same pitcher may have been lights out over his last 5-6 starts which you will not notice right away if their ERA was bloated to begin with.

You should also do this in reverse when evaluating your own team.  Aaron Harang has a 3.41 ERA and 1.12 WHIP, but if you look at the last 30 days his ERA and WHIP are 6.67 and 1.31 with only 1 quality start.  Yup, the wheels are coming off that early waiver wire darling.  It’s not about what a player has done for you, it’s about what have they done for you lately.  If you are not paying attention and you do not act quick enough, those types of players will slowly poison your team.  You should be looking at all the players on your team right now, figuring out who is just in a slump and who should be dumped for the next hot bat or arm on waivers.  I have several suggestions below to choose from as well as a number of under-owned players listed under previous recommendations you should consider. 

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