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rougned odor

FANTASY BASEBALL – Rougned Odor’s 2015 Value

BaseballFantasyMLB breaks down Rangers 2B Rougned Odor who has some fantasy value now that Jurickson Profar is hurt once again. Will Odor be a steal come draft day?

With the recent news that Jurickson Profar will need another surgery on his shoulder, once again casting doubt on his season, Rougned Odor becomes an intriguing player to consider.

Of course we also have to consider that he was a 20-year old who had 282 PA at Double-A and not a single appearance at Triple-A. When you take that into account, a lot of the numbers are actually impressive.

For Instance, while he didn’t draw many walks (4.1%) the fact that he posted a 17.0% strikeout rate shows significant promise. That doesn’t mean he’s a lock to significantly improving his batting average as there were other concerns.  A Line Drive Rate of 15.0%, and an Infield Fly Ball Rate  of 16.8%. Both of those numbers would have to be improved upon if he wanted to move the average up into the .280ish range. Can that happen remains to be seen, though given his age and potential for growth there’s hope.

Obviously he’s not there yet, but he did steal 31 bases in 2013 and the potential to add power as he matures is obvious (average distance on non-groundballs of 255.294 shows its not there yet). Is it really a stretch for him to reach 15/15 this season with a full slate of AB?

With experience and a few adjustments there’s every reason to believe that he could reach .270/15/15 this season. Considering his current average ADP of 289.3, that’s obviously a gamble to take. The ADP could improve a bit, given the news on Profar, but how far really?

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