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OCT 19/18

  • Friday October 19th: Denver Destroys Arizona, The Red Sox Head To The World Series, Are The Raptors The Class of the East?

    The guys think Michelle looks more beautiful than ever after she straightened her hair this week.Gabe & Corey discuss the changing-of-the-guard in MLB as the Red Sox dethroned the AL & WS Champion Astro's Thursday night.The NBA season is underway with a huge game tonight featuring the Celtics @ the Raptors and Kawhi Leonard. Gabe & Corey think the Raptors are better than people think, they also feel the battle of NY & NJ could be a good one too as the Knicks & Nets play in Brooklyn.Michelle & the guys bash Kate Upton for "umpiring" on behalf of hubby Justin Verlander's Astro's.. Plus the Dubs got pranked when their music switched from "Careless Whisper" - Steph Curry was the only one who actually enjoyed it.Michelle want to know the over-under number of kills in the new Halloween movie that opens this weekend, as Gabe & Corey segue into when DC & Maryland may get legalized sports betting. That leads Gabe to rant about the fact that sports betting doesn't "cause the sky to fall" just because one small group of protestors may complain. Corey thinks it's foolish for those states to turn away all of that potential tax money.Gabe & Corey can't believe how bad the Cardinals were on TNF and get into the upcoming NFL week 7 action. They also talked about all of the 2018 Fantasy RB busts: David Johnson, Dalvin Cook, Le'veon Bell, Derrick Henry & Leonard Fournette.Corey explains to Michelle how Cowboys WR Terrance Williams got into so much trouble. Williams received a three game suspension from the NFL for a previous substance abuse violation.Gabe thinks Kyle Kuzma should be starting for the Lakers and that the problem in LA is that Lebron doesn't like playing with young players. He also says Lebron wants to be GM, Coach & player and has had coaches fired before for not doing things his way.Teddy Covers calledwhen in to talk about the best bets in the NFL this weekend. While that was going on, news broke that the Cardinals fired OC Mike McCoy after a 1-6 start and a TNF 45-10 beatdown by the Broncos.We told Michelle that Rex Ryan wanted her to stand up and click her new red shoes together three times while saying "there's no place like home." She did, but counted to four.The Mega Millions jackpot reached $970M today. The crew discusses what they'd do with the money. Gabe said he would go to FanDuel and place $370M on the Panthers to cover.

  • Thursday, October 18th, 2018: Watching the point spreads, Mayweather vs. Khabib, MLB playoffs, Kawhi's debut, Broncos expectations, Myk Aussie, Ike Barinholtz, LABron's debut, Knicks or Nets, Michael Myers bets, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show with Gabe giving advice, saying don't listen too much to point spreads. The crew talks about Floyd Mayweather saying a fight with Khabib "will happen," and the gang questions if this is for real, or nothing but a publicity stunt. Gabe says the MLB playoffs have been great, even though Corey says different, and Gabe reminds him how tough it is for Yankees fans to watch the Red Sox keep playing. Gabe talks about the great game saving catch made by Andrew Benintendi, and how you need those types of plays to be considered a championship caliber team. Going over the the big night in the NBA, Gabe and Michelle love the introduction of Kawhi Leonard in Toronto, but Corey calls him a weirdo.  <p>Gabe, Corey, and Michelle open the second hour of the show talking about how big the Broncos are to the city of Denver, but Gabe also thinks the Cardinals will take care of business when the two teams meet tonight. The gang chats with Myk Aussie, as they look for fantasy, and betting value, in tonight's Thursday Night night game between the Cardinals and Broncos. Comedian and actor Ike Barinholtz joins the show to talk about the return of football in Los Angeles, and also how he has to bear watching his team, the Bears, lose to the likes of the the Brock Osweiler led Dolphins; Ike also talks about his upcoming movie, The Oath. <p>In the final hour of the show, Gabe brings up the betting lines for ALCS Game 5, the Thursday night NFL game, and tomorrow's NLCS Game 6. The gang looks at LeBron James making his Lakers debut tonight, with Gabe and Corey wondering if James will score over 30 points against Portland. Gabe also says the Lakers are not a great team just because they have LeBron, and thinks the right betting line should taking the Blazers and the over. Gabe questions if Corey, a former Knicks fan, would ever consider the Brooklyn Nets as a team in the east he could cheer for, with Corey saying it's all about the Knicks in New York, despite their decades long futility. Talking about the new installment of Halloween films, Gabe finds betting lines, including the over/under line for how many people Michael Myers has killed in the film series.

  • Wednesday, October 17th, 2018: NBA opening night recap, Red Sox Win, Dodgers game winner, Corey vs. Dom, cheating in sports, death pimpin,' National Anthem with JD McCrary, must win for Brewers, college lines with Joe Lisi, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show questioning how many female viewers they have, not including Michelle's friends. Corey says even though the Dodgers have momentum after winning in 13 innings, the Brewers are the better team, and will win the series, but Gabe thinks the Dodgers have the advantage with Calyton Kershaw on the mound for Game 5. Gabe also says he does not like the 2-3-2 format for the ALCS and World Series. Gabe thinks Corey's hate for the Dodgers is an East Coast vs. West Coast issue, but Corey explains he just thinks Game 5 of the NLCS was not epic, and the Dodgers got luck they won. Gabe brings up how the Red Sox are complaining that the Astros have been caught using a scout to see pitches better in Game 1 of the NLCS, but Gabe says this is nothing new sports, especially in Boston. Corey gets in to an argument with a caller who explains that Corey is 9-23 in the GST Fantasy football league, and Corey explains he is better than his record speaks. To finish the hour, Gabe thinks the Sixers, for all their talent, have a lot of issues, namely Ben Simmons worrying too much about being apart of the Kardashians. <p>In the second hour of the program, Gabe opens up talking about the death of Dennis Hof, America's most famous pimp. Gabe brings up how it was interesting that Hof died in one of his own brothels, found by porn legend Ron Jeremy, and how even more interesting, the Pro-Trump GOP candidate died right after his birthday. Looking at the NFL, Gabe and Corey find it impressive that Drew Brees is only the third quarterback in NFL history to beat every single team in the league. Corey thinks most people don't know who Conor McGregor is, and Gabe and Michelle try to argue that he is the most well-known fighter outside of Floyd Mayweather. The gang brings in Lion King actor J.D. McCrary, who warms up to sing the National Anthem at tonight's Knicks game by singing a little bit for the crew. Following up a great rendition of the anthem, the gang brings in Pete Yannopoulos, who gives his take on the high expectations for Kevin Knox and the Knicks going in to tonight's opening tip-off against the Hawks. <p>The Morency and Friends crew opens the final hour of the show with Gabe saying the Brewers have to win tonight, and that he is surprised that Brett Kavanaugh, for how much he likes beer, is not a fan of the Brewers. College Football Today host Joe Lisi joins the show to give his betting line odds for the Top 25 college football games going on this Saturday. Corey and Gabe chat with a caller who brings up Carmelo Anthony's role on the Rockets, with Corey saying it's easy to blame Melo for his past teams failures, but also notes the Thunder won't win with Russell Westbrook. Gabe and Corey finish the show giving their picks for the night, with Gabe taking the Red Sox, Dodgers, and Pelicans, and Corey taking the Brewers, Astros, and Pelicans.

  • Tuesday, October 16th, 2018: It's time for NBA, football vs. basketball, Tyreek vs. the fans, boxing out with Michelle, Warriors defense run, Musical moments with Bob, NBA totals, Curry vs. KD, Luka Doncic's mom, Coach Nick, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the show with excitement for opening tip-off of the NBA, with Corey ready to watch his Warriors solidify themselves as "Dub Dynasty." Gabe gets the gang in to an argument as to which is better to experience between the NFL and NBA, with Gabe saying in-game experience in the NBA is better than the NFL; Gabe cites how awful it is to get to a football stadium. The gang think Monday Night Football broadcaster Joe Tessitore is most exciting in the NFL, but also show concern for his health anytime there is a big play. Gabe brings up how Tyreek Hill is being called a victim after having beer thrown at him by Patriots fans, but also says Hill was taunting the fans, and deserves what is coming to him. However, the gang agrees no matter the circumstance, fans throwing stuff at athletes is awful, and said fans should be punished. Michelle's social update includes how Terry Bradshaw is, according to Corey, a player hater, after Bradshaw said the Packers should get rid of Aaron Rodgers before Mike McCarthy. <p>The second hour of the show opens up with Corey asking Gabe about a betting line movement in tonight's NBA match-up between the Sixers and Celtics. Gabe pits Corey and Michelle against each other in a little one-on-one, with the gang teaching everyone, especially Michelle, how to properly box out for a rebound. Gabe tells Corey he is "slightly" worried about the Warriors run at back-to-back titles, thinking the Rockets should have beaten them in the Western Conference Finals, and an injured DeMarcus Cousins is not a huge upgrade. Looking at some more opening tip-off games, Gabe and Corey think LeBron and the Lakers will be battling all season with the likes of the Nuggets, Jazz, and Blazers, for the lower seeds in the Western Conference playoffs. The Rockets could end up as one of the top seeds in the West, however, Corey thinks adding Carmelo Anthony was a bad idea, calling him a "team killer." Talking about a possible Conor vs. Khabib rematch, Gabe says the problem with Khabib is that he is not a pay-per-view draw, saying "he couldn't sell crack to Dave Chappelle." <p>In the final hour of the show, the gang gets a call from Bob in Vermont, who tries to serenade Michelle with a song. Looking at some total wins for NBA teams, Gabe, calling himself crazy, thinks the Knicks are not far from being a contending playoff team. Looking back at last year's NBA Finals, Gabe thinks there was a battle for MVP between Steph Curry and Kevin Durant, which may ultimately lead to Durant leaving Golden State in 2019 free agency. Meanwhile, talking about some rookies, no one is making more heads turn than Luke Doncic, but not for his on-court talent, but the physical talents of his mother. Coach Nick joins the show to give some predictions for the 2018-19 NBA season, including if the NBA is trending towards a three-point shooting league, and predicting who will win MVP.

  • Monday, October 15th, 2018: Week 6 recap, any given Sunday, Conor's Cowboys debut, New England sucks, Kimbrel's pine tar, Bruce Irvin's post game-loss plans, Mitch Albom, Jimmy Butler chuckles, NLCS preview, hypothetical Giants QB, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the program with Gabe saying the NFL is different every week, and for the most part, we know nothing what happens week-to-week, especially after a week where we saw Brock Osweiler lead the Dolphins to victory, the Cowboys throttle the Jaguars best defense in the NFL, and the Patriots be the Patriots. The gang looks at the Sunday Night shootout between the Chiefs and Patriots, with the guys wishing Joe Tessitore was the announcer, and Corey saying you can't "trade field goals with the Patriots." Gabe brings up how Conor McGregor showed up at the Cowboys-Jaguars game, and how his excitement, and poor throwing ability, somehow helped the Cowboys win, and helped Conor's image. Gabe finishes the hour saying he wants to cheer for "good people," and says the Patriots, as well as the New England and Boston area, are bad people. <p>In the second hour of the show, Gabe opens bringing up how Red Sox relief pitcher, Craig Kimbrel, got caught using pine tar is not a big deal, citing how all pitchers use something to help their pitches get extra spin or velocity; Gabe compares it to NHL players using "illegally curved sticks." Michelle find it interesting that Raiders linebacker Bruce Irvin would use a bad loss, and a BYE week, to spend time with his wife "trying to make babies." Best-Selling Author Mich Alborn joins the show to talk about his new book, The Next Person You Meet in Heaven, and how he would like to chat with Muhammed Ali when he gets to the afterlife.<p>In the final hour of the show, Gabe gets a laugh after Corey says Jimmy Butler is the best two-way player in the NBA; Gabe wonders why Kawhi Leonard isn't considered in that argument. Gabe and Corey give Chris Ventra a hard time for missing yesterday's Fantasy Football Live show, but love his replacement, video producer Alex, who also does a great impression of Ventra. Looking at game 3 of the Brewers-Dodgers NLCS, Gabe seems to like the Dodgers in this 1-1 situation, playing at home on the heels of a big game 2 win. The gang previews the Monday night 49ers-Packers game, with Gabe and Corey agreeing this game will also have a big over, with Gabe citing how they have been crushing it on total passing yards. Gabe thinks the best move for the Giants, and Raiders, is to find a way to get Derek Carr in a Giants uniform; Corey is not impressed with Carr, but cites he's better than Eli Manning. Rumors of a Conor McGregor vs. George St. Pierre fight has Gabe say it would be a bigger blowout loss for Conor than when he fought Khabib, but Gabe questions if GSP would beat Khabib. Michelle's social media update includes a story of a man who has eaten pizza every day for the last 30 years, with the gang questioning if they could live that same lifestyle.

  • Friday, October 12th, 2018: Horrible Giants football, horrible transit, wasted talent, Frankie Muniz, Michelle's workout tape, running through Week 6, time to talk football with Teddy Covers, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show looking at not only a horrible game from the Giants and the worst quarterback in the NFL, Eli Manning, but also consider NJ transit some of the worst transportation in the world. Gabe and Corey talk about how bad the transit system is to MetLife Stadium; not only did they miss opening kickoff after taking 2 hours to get to the stadium, but Gabe wonders why MetLife is in the middle of nowhere with awful transportation, in a city that prides itself on public transit. Gabe explains that it is time for the Giants to move on from Eli Manning, citing he is not only old, he can't move, and now, he can't throw. Corey and Gabe agree the Giants are wasting the talents of Odell Beckham and Saquon Barkley, whom the guys say the latter is the real deal. New York is looking so bad in the sports world, that Gabe brings up how Luis Severino was tipping his pitches to the Red Sox during the game 3 blowout; Corey seems to agree something was wrong with Severino. Looking at some more football crap, Corey realizes that if Jason Garrett gets fired, Jack Del Rio and John Fox are the top candidates for the Cowboys head coaching job. <p>The Morency and Friends crew open the second hour of the show chatting with Dancing with the Stars Junior host, Frankie Muniz, as they talk about his first season hosting the show, staying away from the obsessions of fame, and possibly getting Michelle and Corey on Dancing with the Stars. The crew starts going through the rest of Week 6, with Corey worried that the Cowboys will look as embarrassing as the Giants when they play the Jaguars. Talking about how Frankie Muniz said people need to back off Kanye West, Corey says Kanye has some sort of mental issue, and has set back the black community with his latest antics. Michelle keeps her promise from yesterday, as she gives her own workout lesson to Gabe, Corey, and the Carton and Friends listeners.Michelle's social media updates include a story of how a Buffalo Bills fan who died, asked in his obituary to have six members of the Bills be his pallbearers, so they "let him down 1 more time," and Gabe seems to think that's perfect for a Bills fan. <p>Gabe opens the final hour of the show being thrown a curveball, as he learns that former NFL player and murderer, Rae Carruth, is getting released from prison, and wants custody of his son, whom he tried to kill when his mother was pregnant with him. The crew is joined by Teddy Covers, as they look at the Las Vegas betting lines for all the NFL Week 6 and NCAA Week 7 games. Gabe and Corey talk about how when the guys got to the game last night, Gabe couldn't help himself, and was able to scream and heckle at the Giants players. The gang looks at the betting lines for Week 6, with Gabe loving the Seahawks against the Raiders, and thinking the Chargers-Browns game will have a point total over 46.5.

  • Thursday, October 11th, 2018: Happy Birthday Corey, Thursday Night preview, NCAA corruption case, Jimmy Butler saga, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and birthday boy Corey Parson open the show with Gabe questioning if Corey has gotten angrier and more bitter since he moved down the New York from Toronto; Michelle thinks Corey has always had a bit of a temper. To celebrate Corey's birthday, the production crew made a special TV board featuring all of Corey's favorite things (Fenway Park, Eagles Super Bowl, and the Knicks), and also receives a new Yankees cap from Bones and Chris Ventra. Gabe and Corey will be venturing out to Metlife Stadium for tonight's Eagles-Giants game, with Corey wondering how bad the rain will be, as remnants of Hurricane Michael make their way across the Southeast.  Gabe brings up how the NCAA corruption scandal had gotten so bad, players (without  were getting paid while playing in high school. The gang finishes the hour with Michelle saying she will video her workouts to help listeners who want to get in shape. <p>In the second hour of the show, Michelle sings the Stevie Wonder version of Happy Birthday for Corey. Gabe and the gang talk about their favorite spots to sit at a football game, with Gabe loving the "psychos in the end zone seats", and Corey staying away from the upper deck, due to a fear of heights. The guys preview tonight's game, but question if the total of 44 points is too high for a divisional rival game that could have some bad weather. Gabe, however, also says the last few meetings have been track meets, with Eli Manning putting up big numbers against the Eagles defense.  Michelle's social update includes Jimmy Butler going off on his team, saying the Timberwolves can't win without him. Corey gets a surprise birthday present, as Michelle's hot friend, Stephanie, shows up with a birthday hug and a cupcake. <p>To open the final hour of the show, the gang chats with Big Man on Campus, Jeff Nadu, to talk about the betting line between the Giants, and his Eagles. The guys also chat with Jeff about some betting lines for the college games, as well as the rest of the Week 6 slate in the NFL. Gabe and Corey figure out the best way to MetLife Stadium, thinking it is easiest to take NJ Transit to the game, even though they were offered a ride. To finish the show, Michelle sings the Eagles fight song, and Chris Bones, an avid Eagles fan, throws slack at Michelle for not knowing the words.

  • Wednesday, October 10th, 2018: Yankee meltdown complete, Scott Engel joins the show, UFC news, Rivals growing, Sweet Caroline, beer chucking,

    Gabe Morency, Michelle Serpico, and Corey Parson open the program with Gabe throwing shade at Corey for guaranteeing a Yankees victory. Corey and Gabe argue if the Yankees offense is to blame for their ALDS loss, but Corey seems to think a lack of attention to details was the problem that sunk the Bronx Bombers. Scott Engel joins the show to tell Corey if the Yankees don't win it all next year, it will be the first decade ever that the Yankees don't make it to the World Series. Scott goes on to talk about his and Michelle's fantasy football team, citing bad luck and underperformance a few weeks that has led to an 0-5 record heading in to Week 6. The UFC world has been going crazy, with Gabe wondering if Nick Diaz could back up his words and defeat Khabib. Corey goes off on Red Sox fans, calling them obnoxious, and goes on a rant about how all the Red Sox fans will be out and about in the city. <p>The Carton & Friends crew open the second hour of the show with Gabe saying he won't make a pick between the Red Sox and Astros until Michelle gives her take on the betting lines. Corey says the reason the Astros don't get much media attention is because they play in Texas, a football state. The gang talks about the always growing rivalry between the Red Sox and Yankees, citing Rick Porcello and CC Sabathia getting in to a war of words. As part of the humiliation of seeing his Yankees lose to Boston, Corey will honor his bet by singing "Sweet Caroline." Corey also explains at times, it is okay to throw beer at a game, especially at opposing players. Gabe and Corey talk about how "zombies raccoons" are taking over parks around New York City, and Corey, already scared of raccoons, is ready to take on the zombie raccoon apocalypse. Michelle's social update includes a story of how Bills safety Jordan Poyer has gotten caught in a text war between his wife, Rachel Bush, and a woman with whom Poyer had an affair.  <p>The gang finishes the hour saying even though the Eagles have stumbled out of the gate, they are still the toast of a weak NFC East; Corey and Gabe agree that the Rams, Vikings, Saints, and Panthers will be tough for the Eagles to try and defend their Super Bowl championship. The guys shift their focus to the NBA, as they chat with NBA analyst Peter Yannopoulos, who is getting ready to watch the Nets and Raptors play in Montreal. The gang gets a good laugh out of UNC coach Roy Williams, who said he has never seen corruption around him since he's been coaching college basketball. Going back to the Eagles, Corey and Gabe argue if LeSean McCoy, who is being mentioned in trade rumors with Phili, is a Hall of Fame running back. The gang questions if Antionio Brown is suffering from CTE, after ready a story of how he almost injured a child by throwing furniture from the 14th floor of his Florida apartment.

  • Tuesday, October 9th, 2018: Goontober, Division series actions, Yanks get yanked, MNF recap, Colin Drew's big DFS week, Michael Thomas trolls Josh Norman, Brees making history, and more...

    Gabe Morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show with Gabe apologizing for his picks after getting caught up in the Yankees mystique, which never showed up last night, as the Yankees get rocked by the Red Sox; Gabe also made a bad pick in the Monday Night Football game. Corey tries to find a silver lining, saying the series is not over, but Gabe thinks last night was too embarrassing for the Yankees to come back. Gabe and Corey try to figure out if the betting man should take the Yankees or Red Sox in Game 4, with Michelle thinking this series is going back to Boston for a game 5. Gabe tries to put a smile on everyone's face by having DailyRoto's Colin Drew join the show to tell people how he won about a quarter million dollars playing DFS football this past weekend. The gang finishes the hour with Corey telling Gabe how when it comes to DFS hockey, people have been calling him "The Fantasy Exec on Ice." <p>The Morency & Friends gang open the second hour of the show finally revealing the numbers for Game 4, with the Yankees being favored at -119. Michelle, who has been correct with her latest betting odds with UFC 229 and the overs in 2 of the 3 Yankees-Red Sox game, picks the over again, saying 20 runs will be scored in Game 4, and Corey decides to take the under. George Kurtz joins the program to talk give his take on the Yankees-Boston series, and previews tonight's game, thinking it will be a game of bullpens. Going over to the UFC, Gabe talks about how Khabib is living the high life now, and also wonder if Conor McGregor will get his shot at a rematch. Corey not only has to deal with a horrible loss by the Yankees, he can't stand the fact that Drew Brees is being considered in the G.O.A.T conversation after breaking the most passing yards record, with Gabe saying Brees is a product of the Saints passing system. In honor of Columbus Day, the gang tries to figure out if the Atlanta Braves and Cleveland Indians nicknames are as offensive as Washington Redskins. <p>To open the final hour of the show, Corey talks about how Saints WR Michael Thomas trolled Redskins DB Josh Norman, after the Saints routed Washington. To bolster Corey's argument that the Yankees will win tonight, Gabe relays the fact that Rick Porcello has never won a game in the postseason; Gabe explains why early scoring will be crucial the rest of the playoffs. The Carton and Friends crew rips umpire Angel Hernandez, calling him the worst official in sports, citing the fact he had 3 bad calls overturned in last night's Yankees-Red Sox game. Gabe talks about how he should not have bet on the Yankees last night, thinking the Red Sox were too big of underdogs, and decides to take Boston in Game 4 tonight.

  • Monday, October 8th, 2018: UFC 229 brawl, Brewers sweep the #BeerSeries, Jerry criticizes Jason, Rookie QB's go undefeated,

    Gabe morency, Corey Parson, and Michelle Serpico open the show talking about their weekend, where they all got together to watch the Brewers sweep the Rockies, the Yankees even their series, and UFC 229 end in a huge brawl; the guys also talk about their over indulgence thanks to the time being the best for sports fans. Looking at the fights from UFC 229, Gabe says Conor McGregor is the true instigator in the brawl, going back to when he threw a dolly through Khabib's bus in Brooklyn months ago; Corey, however, thinks Khabib's corner was disgraceful for going after McGregor while he was laying on the ground, but Gabe and Michelle think the whole night, including the brawl, was awesome. Gabe also says while Jon Jones may be the fighter in world right now, Khabib is on his way to being on the top. The guys, including Cowboys fan Corey, realize after Jerry Jones' comments about Jason Garrett punting in overtime, the Cowboys will not win with Garrett as head coach. Looking at the NFC East, Gabe and Corey agree there is no good offense in the division, and at the moment, the Redskins are in the drivers seat to sit atop the division. Gabe and Corey got to see Michelle's bartending game in Hoboken, and Michelle was impressed at how Gabe can handle himself in a "Jersey Shore" type of establishment. Gabe finishes the hour comparing the upcoming Chiefs vs. Patriots game as the NFL's Khabib vs. Conor. <p>The Carton and Friends gang open the show noting that Week 5 in the NFL was the first time rookie quarterbacks went undefeated for the week int heir respective games (Darnold, Mayfield, Rosen, and Allen). Gabe says while the NFL seems to have a lot of disfunction, but the Bills are starting to look much better than the basement dwellers they were predicted to be, and Corey says most teams this year will end the season 8-8. Looking at the Browns, Gabe loves the play of Baker Mayfield, and even says Hue Jackson could be up for Coach of the Year; Corey thinks the Browns are still a year away from truly contending in the AFC. Looking at the odds for today's ALDS games, Gabe loves the cloudy and gray weather that will hover over the Bronx tonight; Corey says it's the ghosts of Yankee legends. Gabe and Corey talk about how the Yankees are now betting favorites in this series, specifically since they were able to split the first two games in Boston. Going back to UFC 229, the gang wonders if there will be a re-match, and if Conor really has a chance. Looking at some DFS plays from yesterday, the guys look at how DailyRoto's Colin Drew won big stacking Aaron Rodgers and Devonte Adams, and also winning big with Austin Hooper. <p>In the final hour of the show, Gabe opens by saying he thinks the Yankees will won tonight, but does not like the betting odds enough to put money down. The gang, along with producer Chris Ventra, look at each NFL division to see if the standings will hold water. Gabe sees trouble across the NFL, zeroing in on the issues with Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, and how coaches got fired without letting Rodgers know what was happening. The gang talks with a group of filmmakers from Scotland who wanted to talk about UFC 229, and also the tell the gang they were just at New York Comic Con to promote their zombie-musical film. Gabe gets people to question his doppelgänger, ranging from Vin Diesel and Dana White, to a member of the Blue Man Group. Gabe tells a story of how he got ticketed for urinating outside a Bills game, and the gang talks about the difference between exposure, and indecent exposure.

What's Good Wit Ya!

Congrats to the American League Champion Boston Red Sox. The Red Sox have been the best team in baseball since opening day. As if their regular season wasn’t impressive enough their postseason run to this point had been just as good. The Yankees and the defending champion Astros each won over 100 games this year, that didn’t mean anything to the Red Sox as they made easy work of both teams this postseason. To the victors go the spoils, so a shout out to the Red Sox as the get ready to complete one of the best runs in Major League Baseball history.

Michelle On The Gram

  • Got her pimp shoes on today 🤣🤑#camethroughdrippin
  • Really hope you guys got to tune in to our show yesterday or the Knicks game last night to hear this young mans National Anthem!
  • Hope your listening right now to hear @nycparson go off about the Boston Booty Grabbers
  • Monday’s 😂🤣....
  • Looks like Cory isn’t the only front runner in the joint 😱😨

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Mitch Albom joins the show to talk about The Next Person You Meet In Heaven!

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