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SEP 18/18

  • Tuesday, September 18th, 2018: Mack and da Bears domination, Gordon to the Patriots, Yanks and BoSox trade broadcasters, CBD Soda, Sportsbook glitch, Hall of Fame benefits, believe in Jimmy G, BiCycle, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the show recapping the Bears defense dominating the Seahawks, with Corey and Carton questioning why Jon Gruden and the Raiders wanted to get rid of Kahlil Mack. Personal issues aside, the gang likes the Patriots trading for Josh Gordon, thinking he will be a great deep threat for Tom Brady, can spread the offense for the rest of the team, and will have a great support system from the New England organization; Carton tells a caller, a Browns fan, that he can't trust an organization that hasn't won a game in almost years.  The Yankees and Red Sox are switching radio broadcasters for an inning, with John Sterling going to the Red Sox booth, and Joe Castiglione joining the Yankees booth; Corey thinks this is fun, but Carton thinks it is ridiculous, especially for how much these teams hate each other. Carton goes on to say the Yankees should be worrying more about the Athletics catching them in the Wild Card. Michelle's social update includes how Tom Brady said he's excited to start working with Josh Gordon. Carton finishes the hour telling Michelle to watch the 1997 film, Boogie Nights. <p>Carton and Friends open the second hour of the show with Carton hoping he can be the first person to own marijuana-infused Cocoa-Cola. Carton explains how someone at the Meadowlands Sportsbook had an issue after not being paid a large win, due to a glitch in the computer system; Carton explains this is a nightmare scenario for legalized gambling. Corey and Carton question if Hall of Fame players deserve to get financial benefits, after learning that a number of Hall of Fame players will boycott ceremonies if they are not provided with said benefits. Michelle's social update includes a story telling how the internet is losing it over the size of Kawhi Leonard's hands. Another social update talks about how Jimmy Garoppolo's gal pal, adult film star Kiara Mia, is telling people to believe in her one-time dinner date. <p>In the final hour of the show, Carton talks about how South Dakota St. ran up their score against Arkansas-Pine Bluff, winning 90-6, and their coach coming out saying he should have pumped the breaks a bit. Carton tells the story of how former NFL wide receiver, Joe Jurevicius, had his house robbed, but also questioned if there is a conspiracy, as Jurevicius had come home through the back door, same as the robber. Carton and the gang finish the show talking about Brewers' Christian Yelich getting his bi-cycle, and what it would be like to go to a slumber party at Tom Brady's house.

  • Monday, September 17th, 2018: Week 2 recap, Giants blow it, Jets have it, Jags dominate, Vontae Davis' mid-game retirement, Josh Gordon's future, Hurricane Florence, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the program calling the Giants an embarrassment, and Corey questions the offensive line play, zeroing in on public enemy number one, Erik Flowers; the guys look ahead to the Giants schedule, thinking they could go 0-6. Meanwhile, the Jets, who also lost yesterday, seem to have the fighting spirit needed to win ballgames. Looking at the Jaguars, Carton gives a lot of credit to them not only beating the Patriots, not only avenging their AFC Championship loss, but completely controlling the game; Corey says the one play that kills a defense is when a quarterback runs for a long first down, which Bortles did a lot. The strangest story out of yesterday's action happen to be Vontae Davis quitting on the Bills, and retiring at halftime of their blowout loss to the Chargers; while Bills players response was not one of encouragement for Davis, the Carton gang only wonders why Davis didn't wait until the end of the game. <p>Carton and Friends open the second hour of the show looking at the Carton and Friends league scores, with Beauty and the Beast relying on Tarik Cohen tonight, and Carton bragging about his victory over The Flying Wasps. Previewing and predicting the Monday night game between the Seahawks and Bears, Carton thinks the Bears are playing with a chip on their shoulder, and Corey thinks the Seahawks are the West Coast version of the Giants with a poor offensive lineman. The Browns trading Josh Gordon has the gang questioning why they are moving him, and where he will end up playing next week. The gang gives love to the Carolinas, who were devastated by the affects of Hurricane Florence, and talk about the fun times you can have in Charleston, South Carolina. <p>Carton and Friends open the final hour of the show talking about how Fox News priest Jonathan Morris said Hurrican Florence was a part of God's plan, and the gang thinks the news station needs to keep God out of its equation. Talking about college football, Carton loved the "fake fair catch" play done by North Texas against Arkansas, and thinking the the playoff scenario has gotten interesting, especially with Wisconsin losing to BYU, and Georgia moving up in the rankings. Carton and Corey give their picks for the Monday night game, with both thinking the Bears bring it to the Seahawks. The gang talks about Antonio Brown's tweet response to Ryan Scarpino threatening for a trade has the gang wondering how bad the Steelers situation has become. Michelle's social update includes how a Steelers player wore special cleats for late rapper Mac Miller, and Carton brings up how much he loves Eminem's diss-track of Machine Gun Kelly.

  • Friday, September 14th, 2018: Thursday night recap, Jabari Bird, Hurricane Florence, Bulldingy, Week 2 predictions, Trout wearing a Halo for life, David Wright's career closing, Army home games, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey, Michelle, and Gabe, open the show recapping the Ravens-Bengals game, with Carton calling Andy Dalton the anti-Eli Manning, saying he's a great regular season quarterback, but can't win when the playoffs are on the line; Gabe still loves Dalton for helping Bills last year, and Corey calls him Mr. September. The story of Celtics guard Jabari Bird accused of strangling his girlfriend has the gang questioning his mentality, and the general safety of players, and their families and friends. This story has Carton remembering how former Sixers president, Pat Croce, a well-versed black belt in martial arts, had no problem standing up to people who may try to hurt Allen Iverson. Talking about the safety issues around Hurricane Florence, the gang says the Panthers-Falcons game could be highly affected, citing that the Panthers still haven't left Charlotte for Atlanta, and may get stuck with horrifying weather. The Panthers new owner, David Tepper, said a word that had Carton cringing and questioning his maturity. <p>Carton and Friends open the second hour of the program with Gabe remembering when he interviewed adult star, Alexis Texas, and how much a fan he was, as well the rest of the crew, of her assets. Carton brings up how the Angels are trying to make Mike Trout a lifetime member of the organization, and the gang tries to see how they can do that, and get their team back to playoff contention; Cory thinks if the Angels don't become contenders, the Yankees and his hometown Phillies, are two possible future destinations for Trout. Gabe explains how NFL owners are toying with NFL players through payroll, and how they make most of their money through the people who sit in their skybox suites. Carton, Gabe, and Corey give their picks for Week 2, including seeing the Panthers beat the Falcons, Steelers over the Chiefs, and the Jets over the Dolphins. The gang finishes the show tipping their caps to Mets star David Wright, who will play in his final games at the end of the month. <p>Carton and Friends finish the week looking at the latest updates of Hurricane Florence, and wonder what Corey would be like as a TV weatherman updating people on hurricanes. Carton is fascinated with Gabe's football picks, but the one that most intrigues him is Army vs. Hawaii; Carton asks Michelle if she knows where Army and Air Force plays their home football games. The gang brings up how six months ago, you would have never thought the Eagles vs. Buccaneers would not have the marquee match-up between Carson Wentz and Jameis Winston. Meanwhile, the crew looks at how fans are miserable, even though the team will finish with over 90 wins, if not 100; the gang blames sub .500 baseball over the past few months, as well as strong play from the Red Sox, Athletics, and Rays. Carton looks at how Michelle and Scott Engel, nicknamed Beauty and the beast, will fair against Carton's kids this weekend in the Carton Fantasy Football league.

  • Thursday, September 13th, 2018: Yankees really suck at wrong time, MLB playoffs, no WNBA, Thursday Night football predictions, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey, Michelle, and Gabe, open the show with Carton saying to never talk about the WNBA again, unless it involves some sort of scandal. Carton also says that in the moment, the Yankees suck, and Yankees fans are angry at the inconsistency of the Bronx Bombers, while the rest of the MLB playoff field is playing great. Gabe says that baseball is no longer America's pastime, and that their should be a shake-up of divisions to make better rivalries. Gabe tells a story  of how a guy would sell McDonald's Monopoly squares as a scam, and wound up with a $1 million dollar M&M. NFL legend and FOX NFL Sunday co-host Terry Bradshaw joins the show to talk about working with Burt Reynolds and his favorite quarterbacks in the league today. <p>Carton and Friends open the second hour talking about a new gambling show that Craig and gabe are coming up with, saying it will be like Survivor, but with drinking in a bar. Corey's birthday is coming up, and Carton plans to take him to Atlantic City for a night in October. The story of Nick young challenging Gilbert Arenas to a shooting contest has Carton remember playing in charity basketball games, and how Gabe once bet on a celebrity game. Michelle's social media update includes a story of how friend-to-the-show Jerry Rice compared Tyreek Hill's speed to that of Bo Jackson. <p>Carton and Friends open the final hour of the show with Carton getting angry about an Australian newspaper making a drawing of Serena Williams that is nothing more than offensive for the sake of being offensive. Looking at tonight's game between the Ravens and Bengals, the guys think this could a fun one to watch, despite being on the Thursday night slate, which has historically been bad; while Corey likes the Ravens, Carton and Gabe think the bengals give Baltimore a hard time and win. Gabe and Corey get annoyed that whenever they make appearances, the only thing they get asked is "is Michelle single?" Michelle's social media update includes a story of how Stefon Diggs loves Starbucks so much, he got a custom diamond chain with a Starbucks logo pendant.

  • Wednesday, September 12, 2018: Hurricane Florence, impact of weather on sports, Beatles special playtime, Stevie Wonder conspiracy, Jerry Rice, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey, Michelle and Gabe, open the show looking at the possible devastating impacts on sports—and the U.S. East Coast—that Hurricane Florence could have in the coming days. The gang argues over the existence of extraterrestrials, with Carton, Gabe, Michelle thinking we are not alone, while Corey thinks it's just us and animals. Looking at a story about a high school football team spiking their drinking water with a male-enhancement drug; the issue Carton has is that while the coach deserved to be fired, teenage pranksters will never go away. Corey blames not being able to find his Yankee hat as to why the Yankees lost to the Twins, and why the Red Sox clinched a playoff spot last night; Carton calls the Yankees, namely their pitching staff, "more unpredictable than a Trump tweet." Looking at the only good thing going for the Mets, Carton questions Michelle as to why the "d" in Jacob deGrom's last name is not capitalized. During Michelle's social media update, the gang talks about Paul McCartney and John Lennon's masturbation parties, and question if Stevie Wonder really has vision. <p>To start the second hour of the show, the fear of Hurricane Florence hitting the East Coast has Carton remember a story about watching ducks on his porch in Florida when rainstorms were coming in. Looking ahead to Week 2 games, Carton thinks the Steelers should not be a five-point favorite against the Chiefs, while Gabe seems to agree, but will stay away from that game; Corey thinks a game like that is Redskins vs. Colts, especially with weather now being a huge factor. The impact of Hurricane Florence also has the guys looking at problematic weather not just in the Carolina areas, but as far north as New York, and as south as Florida. The gang finishes the hour with Carton calling out Serena Williams for being "a childish bully." <p>To close out the show, Carton brings up the strange turn of events between the Raiders and Martavis Bryant, and he also explains how the makeup of a football team is much different than any other sport. NFL legend Jerry Rice joins the show to talk about some of his infamous workouts, and how it's been hard for him to watch football since retiring. The gang thinks if the Cowboys can't get any movement in the air against the Giants, Dez Bryant will be back in Dallas; Carton also makes a wager with Corey that the Giants will put more than 20 points against the Cowboys. Michelle's social update include the story of the Lions being upset with HC Matt Patricia for overworking the team.

  • Tuesday, September 11th, 2018: Remember 17 years ago, Monday Night recap, NFL power rankings, Jets overreaction, Omarosa, Carton fantasy league Week 1 results, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey, Michelle, and Gabe, open the show remembering the 9/11 attacks, with Gabe saying it's surreal to pass the new tower every day, and think about the people who ran in to the twin towers all those years ago. Carton explains how as much as he wants to talk about how great the Jets were last night, it's tough to do it on September 11th. Looking at the latest NFL power rankings, the guys question who is a bigger bust, the Lions or the Chargers. Looking at 2 teams with losses, the crew thinks the Bears are in better future position than the Raiders. <p>Carton and Friends open the second hour of the program goofing on Michelle, who takes a break after Bones' news update, with Gabe comparing her to Aaron Rodgers, in that she "goes for the attention. Omarosa joins the show to talk about her remembrance of 9/11 and her upcoming book, Unhinged. The gang reacts to Omarosa's comments, with Corey calling her a fraud, and Carton wondering how good of a friend she can be when she has no problem recording people. With Hurricane Florence heading towards the Carolinas, the gang looks at how this could affect the schedules, where the Redskins and Falcons could have some issues (Panthers are in Atlanta). At the end of the hour, Gabe explains why his confidence in betting on college football has fallen after betting against Alabama. <p>Carton and Friends open the final hour of the show with Corey and Gabe saying they have trouble going to visit the 9/11 Memorial, and wanting to see the footprints of the Twin Towers. Corey tries to answer back to Scott Engel's fantasy football trash talking, and the guys go over the Carton and Friends fantasy league results for Week 1.

  • Monday, September 10th, 2018: Week 1 recap, Super Rodgers, biggest busts, Browns still winless without losing, Serena just loses it, Monday Night previews, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey, Michelle, and Gabe, open the program wondering if Danica Patrick had something to do with Aaron Rodgers coming back from being carted off the field to lead the Packers to victory over the Bears in the Sunday Night game. The guys argue if Saquon Barkley really was 1 big run from having a horrible debut for the Giants. Other big time plays of the week that the guys enjoy are Alex Smith dominating the Cardinals, and Ryan Fitzpatrick surprising the football, and survivor pool world, with a big win over the heavily favored Saints. Going over to the U.S. Open, Carton thinks Serena Williams, and pro tennis, completely embarrassed themselves with Williams meltdown. Michelle has the social media updates, including how Le'Veon Bell had some words about his team ending their game against the Browns in a tie. <p>Carton and Friends open the second hour of the program with Gabe questioning if someone on the Bills "will not kill someone?" The crew looks at Ryan Fitzpatrick being one of the biggest surprises of Week 1, with Matt Ryan being the biggest surprise bust of Opening Week. Gabe goes back to his Bills, thinking they can't keep throwing Nate Peterman out there, and it's time give Josh Allen full reigns in Buffalo. Looking at the Chargers-Cheifs game, Gabe calls the Chargers the "Bills of the West," and also think they should move to Las Vegas, not the Raiders; this conversation gets them to talking about the differences between West Coast and East Coast sports fans.  Michelle talks about her day at the Giants-Jaguars game, and how coincidentally sitting next to Odell Beckham Jr.'s mother has the gang questioning OBJ's intentions towards Michelle, after she talked about being propositioned for a group participation activity. <p>Carton and Friends open the final hour of the program looking at the issues in Atlantic City where people couldn't get bets in for almost an hour. While starting to chow down on a six-foot sub sandwich, Carton talks about how overreaction Monday is a real thing, citing anyone who thinks the Buccaneers can beat the Eagles after putting up 48 points on the Saints. Carton and the gang go in-depth to Serena Williams' meltdown, with Carton thinking Serena went too far by saying she deserved an apology because she's a woman; Gabe says there is a double-standard towards the reactions to Serena Williams, but also that she needs to keep her cool.

  • Friday, September 7th, 2018: TNF recap, Ugly win for the Eagles, Matt Ryan sucks, US Open, Lev Bell, Lunch with Carton, remembering Burt Reynolds, Rusell Wilson story, Week 1 picks, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey, Michelle, and Gabe, open the program looking back at what may have been the worst game of the early season between the Eagles and Falcons. While there were many reasons the Falcons lost, Gabe and Corey say the biggest reason is that Matt Ryan sucks; Carton asks for explanation as to why Julio Jones' catch needed to be reviewed, and how they got the call wrong. Talking about the U.S. Open, Corey says he can never bet on Serena Williams, which makes Gabe realize why most people in Harlem don't like him. Looking at some early playoff and Super Bowl predictions, Carton doesn't like everyone loving the Jaguars, while Corey thinks the Chargers are the toast of the AFC. <p>Carton and Friends open the second hour of the show wondering if Le'Veon Bell will sign by tomorrow, making him eligible for pay in Week 1; Gabe and Corey argue that NFL players are not "sticking it to the man." Looking at Bell's teams Week 1 matchup against the Browns, Carton explains why he is so intrigued by this game from a betting perspective. Carton says that on Monday, he will be serving a 6-foot sub for the crew's lunch, and producer Bones chimes in saying that going anywhere with Carton for lunch makes people think "you are somebody." Carton and the gang remember late actor Burt Reynolds, talking about a time an ESPN reporter, also roommates with Burt, once brought back women, and gave his roommate "the ugly one." Looking at some MLB playoff predictions, the guys think the powerful Red Sox may hit a wall in the playoffs, and say look out for the Indians. Michelle's social media update includes Le'Veon Bell posting his support for Le'Veon Bell on instagram. <p>Carton and Friends open the final hour of the week talking about how members of the Super Bowl contending Seahawks teams from 2014 and 2015 called out Russel Wilson as a brat. The story goes on to tell Wilson's childish demeanor after Richard Sherman busted his chops after making an interception in practice, which was not liked by Pete Carroll. Carton tells a surprised crew how Jerry Rice made over half a billion dollars selling his name to Rice-a-Roni. The crew questions why Jalen Ramsey, the trash talker he is, insulted NHL players, but also know that the backlash from hockey players plays in to Ramsey's narrative. Michelle brings an underwhelming bucket of KFC chicken, with the guys questioning if she ate any of the wings on her way back to the studio. Michelle's social media update includes the top selling NFL jerseys, with Saquon Barkley and Jimmy Garoppolo topping the list. <p> The guys start making their weekly football (NFL and NCAA) picks as follows: Corey - Georgia vs. South Carolina UNDER, Seahawks +3, Redskins +1.2, and BEST BET: Titans Gabe - Chargers vs. Chiefs OVER, Bengals-Colts OVER, Bengals +2, and  BEST BET: Panthers Carton - Steelers vs. Browns UNDER, Giants + 3, UCLA + 30.5, and BEST BET: Chargers

  • Thursday, September 6th, 2018: Opening Kickoff excitement, MLB playoff scenarios, Falcons remix, strangled nuts, Michelle on the streets, Gabe's guitar, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey, Michelle, and Gabe, open the program with excitement for tonight's opening kickoff, which more exciting for Michelle and Producer Bones, both life-long fans of the Super Bowl Champion Eagles; Gabe and Corey still question how someone can show their love for a team by eating horse manure. Carton talks about how the Yankees, specifically, Luis Severino and Gary Sanchez, have a complete meltdown, with Corey saying not to pitch Severino in a Wild Card game. Looking at the rest of MLB, the guys look at how strong the Astros and Athletics are playing, saying there is no clear World Series winner in either league. Gabe tells a quick Tim Tebow story, involving Gabe getting kicked out of the Florida-Oklahoma National Championship game. Carton reiterates that he is most interested in the betting lines for the Steelers-Browns game, even more so with the status of Le'Veon Bell. Everyone is in agreement about the Falcons "Welcome to Atlanta Remix." The gang finishes the hour looking at a preview of the Colin Kaepernick Nike Ad, which they find powerful, and not really about Kaepernick. <p>In the second hour of the show, Carton explains that the Yankees didn't just lose to a streaking Athletics team, they lost to a possible World Series contender; Carton also explains how Gary Sanchez needs to learn how to play catch. The gang sends Michelle out to the streets to check out the Colin Kaepernick Nike billboard, and to grab some $1 slices of pizza. Previewing tonight's Eagles-Falcons game, the guys wonder how the National Anthem will be shown, and if cameras will view the sidelines, citing the Eagles being very vocal about the National Anthem protests. <p>Carton and Friends open the final hour of the show talking about Gabe bringing his guitar in studio. Looking at some prop bets for tonight's game, Gabe likes the idea that there will be a few 50-plus yard field goals made, citing the leg strength of Jake Elliott. Michelle's social update includes how Earl Thomas is back with the Seahawks, and how Steelers fans are taking this issue with Le'Veon Bell too far. More updates include the release of NBA2k19, and the guys finish with their picks for the Eagles-Falcons game tonight.

  • Wednesday, September 5th, 2018: Raiders grand bet, Andrei Agassi in studio, Bradshaw don't like Tomlin, Nike stock, Conor Balboa, bad guy code, Mariners brawl, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey, Michelle, and Gabe, open the program with Gabe in shock that someone bet $10,000 on the Raiders to win the Super Bowl this year; the guys agree that the Raiders odds are nowhere near enough to bet anything on the Raiders to win it all. Carton brings up the fact that Terry Bradshaw does not like Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, which gets the crew arguing if Tomlin is not a good coach, or if Bradshaw was in the wrong for what he said. Former tennis great Andrei Agassi joins the crew in Studio 34 to talk about parenting, how his son is becoming a star baseball player, and how life has been since leaving the tennis courts. <p>In the second hour of the program, Carton and Friends bring up that Le'Veon Bell has still not shown up to training camp, questioning if the Steelers star running back is still holding out for his big pay day, or if he wants to skip the physical. Carton and Gabe look at the rising stock value of Nike, saying that Colin Kaepernick's ad campaign has nothing to do with their stock,; Corey has an idea for people who decided to burn their Nike shoes and socks...donate them! Carton distinguishes to Gabe the difference between Michelle's hot friends, and Michelle's nice friends. Looking at the Conor McGregor vs. Khabib Nurmagomedov fight, Carton compares Conor McGregor to Rocky Balboa in Rocky 3; after Rocky explains he has the money, the cars, the fame, and the fortune, you don't have the same drive you once did. Staying in the UFC realm, the crew thinks the Diaz Brothers, Nick and Nate (though more Nick), should create and promote their own medical marijuana strain. <p>Carton and Friends open the final hour of the show with Carton finding the Browns-Steelers game as the most interesting game of the day; Gabe says the spread is wanting you to bet on the Steelers, but Carton thinks it's a trap game. A story about Carton sharing a golf club locker room with Giants great Carl Banks has the guys argue if it's okay to wear a bathing suit in the showers. The gang understands why the Mariners, a once playoff contender now falling apart, brawled with each other before a game last night (specifically between Dee Gordon and Jean Segura); Carton and the crew bring up times they got in to scuffles, including a story involving the Eagles locker room. Michelle ends the day with some social media updates including Le'Veon Bell's Week 1 status.

What's Good Wit Ya!

The New England Patriots have done it again. When news came out over the weekend that the Browns were done with Josh Gordon everyone's initial thought was that he must have failed another drug test. When we realized that Gordon was clean and the Browns were just going in a new direction, everyone thought just don't let the Patriots get him. Well the Patriots got him and all they had to give up was a fifth round pick. How does the rest of the NFL let this happen? Gordon is a troubled yet dynamic talent who can change a game with one touch. We haven't really seen much of Gordon since 2013 when he led the NFL in receiving. Josh in now healthy and drug free. Imagine the numbers he could put up playing with Tom Brady. We won't have to imagine long Gordon will be in the field this Sunday. Unfortunately it looks like the Patriots have won. Yet again

Michelle On The Gram

  • Bones photobomb 🤣
  • Look who found their Yankees hat.... 🤣
  • “Michelle are you going to prom?”-Craig
  • Never forget!
  • What did you guys think about the first football Sunday of the season?

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Craig and Corey rate Kiara Mia

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