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FANTASY BASEBALL – Buy or Sell: Crib Notes for Every Starting Pitcher

Kyle Soppe goes through every starting pitcher and tells you whether you should buy or sell into their stock come Fantasy Baseball draft day.

St Louis Cardinals v Miami Marlins

FANTASY BASEBALL – Buy or Sell: Crib Notes for Every Hitter

Kyle Soppe goes through every hitter and tells you whether you should buy or sell into their stock come Fantasy Baseball draft day.

Los Angeles Dodgers v Arizona Diamondbacks

FANTASY BASEBALL – Clayton Kershaw Alternatives in DFS

RotoExperts’ Kyle Soppe offers a few different options for baseball’s unquestioned best pitcher, Clayton Kershaw, when faced with specific scenarios in DFS.

Jahlil-Okafor (2)

NCAA BRACKET – March Madness Bracket Picks

Kyle Soppe crunched the numbers and has the winning March Madness Bracket. The numbers tell him that Kentucky will be joined in the Final Four by Virginia, Wisconsin, and SMU. Find out why and who is the percentage pick to win it all. Soppe also gives his top upsets and more.

BasketballFantasyNCAA Basketball

FANTASY BASEBALL – Understanding Sabermetric Statistics

RotoExperts’ Kyle Soppe breaks down sabermetric statistics in baseball, giving not just their definition, but how they impact your fantasy team.


FANTASY FOOTBALL – Start or Sit Defenses in Thursday Games?

With bye weeks now upon us, the D/ST spot on your roster becomes much more difficult to fill. Every team in your league is going to own at least one defense and some owners may carry two, thinking that they can avoid this very issue. Using this week as an example, where we have six teams on bye, there are only 26 active defenses. That may sound like plenty to choose from in a 12 man league, but do the Cowboys, Jaguars, Buccaneers, or Packers really count? Or are you really adding a defense that is opposing an elite quarterback (Aaron Rodgers, Matt Ryan, or Andrew Luck for example)? Probably not, so the number of semi-reasonable starters is already down to 19, and that’s including a handful of options that are questionable at best (do you feel great about starting either defense in the Eagles/Niners game?).


FANTASY FOOTBALL – Thursday Night Impact by Position

Kyle Soppe takes an analytical look at the impact Thursday night games have on each Fantasy Football position.

Tennessee Titans v Denver Broncos

FANTASY FOOTBALL – Wide Reciever Ranks: Size Matters

Kyle Soppe delves into the 2014 wide receiver ranks focusing on the changing dynamics of player size.

Zac Stacy; bust or breakout in today's fantasy football links.


Kyle Soppe evaluates the most recent ADP trends at every position and tells you where the value rests in Fantasy Football drafts heading into the season.


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