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lamar miller

FANTASY FOOTBALL – Buy Low & Sell High Week 8 names his best best buy low and sell high candidates heading into week 8 of the season. Will Darren McFadden take over the Cowboys running game after a strong performance?

alejandro de aza

FANTASY BASEBALL – Holiday Weekend Waiver Wire Report

When some hotshot rookie gets the call, it’s a mad dash to the waiver wire to secure this unproven talent who has yet to take a swing at the major league level. This week it is Miguel Sano; he is owned in 37% of Yahoo, 38% of ESPN and 67% of CBS leagues and just played his second game of the season yesterday.

Jimmy Nelson bombs in today's fantasy baseball links.

FANTASY BASEBALL – Week 13 Weekday Streamers

Jimmy Nelson, Brewers (@ Phillies) – Yep, it is once again time to point out that the Phillies offense is not so good. I feel like this has been addressed plenty so I don’t need to burden you with the actual numbers the Phillies are putting up. As a baseball and, more importantly a fantasy baseball fan, you should have a pretty good notion of where the Phillies stand offensively. It’s bad

Carlos Beltran

FANTASY BASEBALL – Week 13 Waiver Wire

At this stage of the game if you are looking on waivers, you should not be looking at names and you should not be looking for long-term solutions (as nice as those are). No, your main focus should be numbers. And when I say numbers, I don’t mean what a player has done to date; those numbers are meaningless (somewhat).


FANTASY BASEBALL – Starting Pitchers Due for Regression

Sometimes a player can get off to a bad start and their ERA makes them look worse than they probably are. Other times a player can get off to a hot start and while the ERA says they are pitching well, the underlying metrics say something else. This is one of the reasons I love xFIP when evaluating pitchers. xFIP estimates what a pitcher should be doing based upon the raw numbers as opposed to what their surface stats show.


FANTASY BASEBALL – Week 11 Waiver Wire Report

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the waiver wire is thin – almost anorexic, in the leagues I play in. The internet has made it virtually impossible to sneak a sleeper past your league-mates or snag that next potential stud coming up from the minors without a fight. In today’s game, if you snooze – you lose.


FANTASY BASEBALL – High BABIP’s Set to Regress

We are one-third of the way through the season which is a good time to check in on some of the player on the leaderboard, specifically BABIP (batting average on balls in play). Some players have the skills to maintain a high BABIP while others produce a high BABIP due to other factors like defense and luck.  In…


FANTASY BASEBALL – Week 10 Weekday Streaming Options

Marco Estrada, Blue Jays (vs. Marlins) – Don’t look now, but Marco Estrada has thrown back-to-back quality starts! Okay, that is hardly a reason to sound the alarms, but I like the direction he is going. Estrada’s FIP in both of those quality starts was below three, so he seems to be pitching well in his environs.


FANTASY BASEBALL – Week 10 Waiver Wire

It gets harder and harder as we go through the season to find useable players on the waiver wire to recommend. The tough part is not repeating yourself and keeping things fresh with new players each week. There are numerous players listed below in the previous recommendations section, and eventually I will have to beat a dead horse with a “best of what’s left on the waiver wire” episode, but that will not be this week.

Texas Rangers v Kansas City Royals

FANTASY BASEBALL – Deep League Waiver Wire Options

Let me just tell you, I love waivers. I live on the waiver wire, mostly due to the fact I take a lot of chances when I draft. I take those chances knowing there will be undrafted players available during those first few months that will step up and exceed expectations far beyond players I considered on draft day. Marcus Semien, Devon Travis, Mike Moustakas, Ender Inciarte, Aaron Harang, these are just some of the highlight players I’ve added this season.


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