Bashing the Met...

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Bashing the Mets for signing Bautista, Talk with Matt Modica 54:16
MLB DFS Talk with Ricky Sanders, Best Bets! 54:19
NBA Playoffs, Jon Frankel from HBO Sports on NFL Concussions, Best Bets and More! 01:48:10
Happy Birthday Modica, Kershaw Close to Returning, Monday Standouts, Tuesday Slate 53:59
Gleyber Raking, Adames Called Up, Cardinals Rotation, Can Nick Markakis Keep it Up 54:14
Most Talked About Players on CBS and Rotoworld! 53:39
Trivia, NBA news, Ohtani viewership, and more... 47:47
Fantasy Football and Patrick Mahomes | Juan Soto is Amazing | Shohei Ohtani Breaking Fantasy Baseball? 53:55
Monday night MLB recap, Scott at the Park, RotoCleo, and more... 01:45:16
NBA Draft Mock Draft 54:47
FAAB Spending, Todd Zola, Head to Head Leagues and more 54:13
Fantasy Quarterback Rankings, Dez Bryant, and more 55:50
MLB News and Notes, Possible Yankees Trade, NL East 54:45
Rockets Reality Check; Nick Bosa is MAGA; Amber Rose is Sad 26:55
Byron Nelson Classic DraftKings Fantasy Picks and Preview 52:00