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FANTASY BASEBALL – Reviewing the Best Values from LABR Fantasy Drafts


The 2014 LABR Drafts in review

This past weekend in Arizona, experts gathered from across the Fantasy Baseball industry to compete in the League of Alternative Baseball Reality (LABR) AL and NL only drafts. Unlike the prior Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) draft held in January, these used an auction style format with a $260 cap. Each of the managers utilized different strategies to construct the best team possible. Which experts walked away with the best team? What were the steals of the draft? How did everything shake out?

The flow of the drafts and strategies observed

As with most auction drafts, the top-end talent commanded the highest dollar values, and those managers who didn’t initially jump into the fray for the “stars” were left with tier two or three talent that came at somewhat of a discount.  This is what I like to refer as the “bubble effect” – after a given period of time, the bubble bursts and values can be had. It was interesting to note that in the NL draft that the top-tier talent didn’t go for nearly as much as I had assumed, which left quite a bit of money to be thrown around at the middle-tier selections, or late round fliers. In the AL draft quite a bit more was spend on the top end players (Mike Trout went for $45 and Miguel Cabrera went for $42, as an example). I’m not sure if the amount of money thrown around in the AL draft on Saturday had an effect on the NL draft on Sunday, but as a whole, managers appeared to be much more tentative in the NL.

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