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AUG 16/18

  • August 16th, 2018: NFL Preseason Week 2 previews, Jalen in GQ, Acuna brawl, Judge out much longer, Kobe's investments, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the show talking about Carton and Corey's night at Yankee Stadium, and how they almost got hit by a line drive foul ball; Carton laughs at how Corey didn't move an inch out of the way. Looking at the Marlins-Braves brawl from last night, Carton thinks Juan Urena hitting Ronald Acuna on the first pitch of the game was intentional, but Corey thinks it was just sending a message. Looking back at the game Craig and Corey went to last night, Carton explains why he loves ticket stubs, and not having to use phone apps to pull up tickets. Michelle has the social media update, including how CJ McCollum got ripped on twitter about the Blazers playoff drought, and how Jalen Ramsey trashed Josh Allen in his GQ interview.

    Carton and Friends open the second hour of the program announcing the death of Aretha Franklin, and giving Michelle and Corey a little history lesson on the Queen of Soul. The death of Aretha Franklin has Carton remembering the power of music, citing Sister Sledge's "We Are Family" being the rally cry for the 1979 World Champion Pittsburgh Pirates. Carton gives intern Rocky a chance to do the 11AM update, by questioning his sports history knowledge. Carton keep the music history lesson going, teaching Michelle about legends like Smokey Robinson. Michelle has another social update, talking about Travis Scott and LeBron James sitting down to discuss production of NBA2K19.

    Carton and Friends open the final hour of the show doing another fantasy football mock draft, this time out of the 2nd pick overall. An interesting story out of Browns training camp about the quarterbacks has the gang questioning if Baker Mayfield should play immediately, or wait until Tyrod Taylor starts struggling. Carton goes back to the Ronald Acuna plunk situation, and rips Keith Hernandez for agreeing with the Marlins throwing at the rookie. Michelle's final social media update of the week gets Carton questioning if Colin Kaepernick's career would have turned for the better if Jim Harbaugh never let the 49ers.

    The final baseball picks of the week are as follows: Bones - Jon Lester and Daniel Murphy Carton - Masahiro Tanaka and Amed Rosario Michelle - Ranger Suarez and Didi Gregorious Corey - Julio Tehran and Miguel Andujar

  • August 15th, 2018: Show and Tell Wednesday, Fantasy confrontations, Pryor issues,

    Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the show talking about Terrelle Pryor being criticized by Todd Bowles, and how Scott Engel called out Carton for being an "amateur" fantasy football player; Carton answers back by saying "try to get in to Yankee Stadium now." Scott calls in to the show to defend his reasons for not joining the Carton and Friends fantasy football league. After handing Scott the Daddy card, Carton goes on to explain how he will be guest DJ at DJais in Belmar this weekend, and how Michelle may need to make an appearance. IN MLB action, Carton and Corey talk about the Yankees and Red Sox winning as usual, but don't understand what is going on with the Dodgers, and even calls out the National League as to who actually "wants to win?"

    Carton and Friends open the second hour of the show talking about Dez Bryant is suppose to visit the Browns training camp, but he has not been picking up his phone. Talking about Clemson taking on Furman College in Week 1, the gang talks about how Furman could start Harris Roberts, a former Clemson student, at quarterback against the Tigers. Carton plays "Fill in the Blank" with Michelle, asking questions ranging from The Beatles to Wizard of Oz; Michelle loses, and has to sing the Addams Family theme song as punishment. During Michelle's social media update, after talking about Lonzo Ball getting Magic Johnson an iPhone, Michelle questions why anyone needs a burner phone.

    Carton and Friends open the final hour of the show looking at social media fight going on between Michelle and some guy. Carmelo Anthony signing with the Rockets has Carton thinking he was the biggest failed experiment made by the Thunder, though Corey blames the Thunder failures on Russell Westbrook. For Show 'N' Tell, Michelle brings in a Native American Dream Catcher, and Bones brings in his prized Howdy Doody doll...wrapped in a diaper. Later, Michelle has the social media update, including how Browns fans will get free beer when the team finally wins a game.

    Tonight's MLB picks go as follows: Carton - Javier Baez and Chris Archer Bones - Zack Wheeler and Mookie Betts Corey - Jose Berrios and Jose Ramirez Michelle - Brett Anderson and Christian Yelich

    Guest Blogger Bob in Vermont gives his view on today's show: Craig Carton, Michelle Serpico & Corey Parson talked about Big Ben being in the concussion protocol & Todd Bowles being enraged that his own player Terreelle Pryor about being injured. Tom Brady will start the preseason game on Thursday against the the team they lost last year to the Philadelphia Eagles. Plus Ronald Acuna from the Atlanta Braves is incredible.He is batting .288 with 19 hrs & 43 rbi and 49 rs. Miguel Andujar who plays for the NY Yankees is on his way to the Rookie of the year award. Scott Engel was very rude to Corey & Craig I wasn't happy with him. Craig played a game with Michelle call Fill in the Blank with Michelle. If she won Craig will give her press passes to the Yankee game & if she lost she will have to sing the theme song to the Addams Family

  • August 14th, 2018: Subway Series, Carton Mock Draft, Draft Order, possible eating contest, NFL training camp news, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the show talking about how the Mets made the Yankees look awful, and should have Yankees fans worried about who and where they play the Wild Card game. Carton also says now that the Yankees are out of the AL East race, there really is no meaningful baseball to watch until October. Corey disagrees with Carton in saying that we are not in a "meaningless August," citing it's not only time to really start looking at fantasy football drafts and lineups, but the NBA is starting to heat up. Over in the National League, Carton likes the playoff race, specifically the NL East with Atlanta and the Phillies in a tight race.

    In the second hour of the show, Carton talks about his draft order in the upcoming GST League draft; Corey gets in to the competition of the league. Carton finishes putting teams in the Carton Fantasy league together, by placing producer Chris Bivona along with Chris Bones, keeping the "Killer B's" tandem together. While revealing how the draft order of the Carton Fantasy League will be picked, Carton questions Michelle's modeling aspirations, as well as her balancing skills.

    In the final hour of the show, Carton tries to organize a wing eating contest between Corey and Producer Bivona. Carton and the gang create the Carton Fantasy Football Draft order, with Carton picking 5th, Corey picking 4th, Michelle picking 3rd, and Gregg Sussman winning the top draft pick. Looking at some training camp news and notes, the gang looks at where Dez Bryant's new home will be, and when exactly will Carson Wentz be back under center in Philadelphia. Looking back at some of the action from HBO's Hard Knocks, Carton reveals we have learned that we have all been pronouncing Tyrod Taylor's first name incorrectly.

    The Carton and Friends Fantasy Football draft order goes as follows: 1. Gregg Sussman and Jake 2. Frank Stampfl 3. Michelle and Mike Cardano 4. Corey 5. Carton 6. Chris Ventra 7. John the Listener 8. Dane Martinez 9. Michelle's "friend" Anthony 10. Chris Bones and Chris Bivona 11. Craig's son, Sonny 12. Gabe Morency

    The nighty MLB picks are as follows: Corey - Justin Verlander and Nicholas Castellanos Carton - Corey Kulber and Bryce Harper Bones - JA Happ and JD Martinez Michelle - James Paxton and Giancarlo Stanton

  • August 13th, 2018: AL locked up by Boston, Tiger is back, Carton around the world, fantasy football league, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the show talking about how the Red Sox have basically locked up the American League, and the Yankees need to "play for health." Carton also gives props to Tiger Woods, who played one of his best rounds of golf ever; Corey, however, is not impressed. Going back to baseball, Carton explains how his friend made a drunken wager by picking the Cubs, who beat the Nationals on a walk-off grand slam, and wins $36,000. Looking back at the NFL preseason, Carton argues that the Jets may have their best quarterbacks, Sam Darnold and Teddy Bridgewater, in decades. On the other side of Metlife Stadium, Carton seems to think he can make the argument the Giants are the best team in the NFC East. Michelle has the social media updates, including how Jalen Ramsey was suspended by the Jaguars for a week of preseason.

    To open the second hour of the show, Carton announces that Carton and Friends will be syndicated in HD in Algeria, Bahrain, and the Comoro Islands. Carton finds the Comoro Islands very interesting, including how they have their own form of martial arts. Also starting in September, Carton announces that the program will be syndicated across the Middle East and Africa. Carton says the Jets and Giants will help New York sports fans forget about the Mets, and not worry as much about the Yankees. Carton and the gang break down the rules for the Carton Fantasy Football leagues, including how it will be a 12-team PPR league; the guys question Michelle if she knows what PPR means. Carton and Corey do a mock draft, and end up drafting Odell Beckham and Dalvin Cook, and Carton says if you are drafting outside the New York area, you can get Saquon Barkley later in drafts.

    To finish up the show, Carton and Friends dive deeper in to the Carton fantasy football draft, saying they will reveal the draft order this Thursday. Carton talks about Orlando Brown, a rookie standout picked by the Ravens, who only fell in the drafts because he did not bench press as much as most players his size. Carton gives an update on the Ohio State abuse situation, and how current Texas head coach Tom Herman, was possibly fired by Ohio State, after he found out about former coach Zach Smith abusing his wife. Carton believes Teddy Bridgewater will be traded by the Jets, and his most likely destination will be Denver. Corey tells a story of how he got followed and attacked by a pair of raccoons, and Craig gives the gang a lesson on how raccoons do not travel in packs.

    Tonight's Carton and Friends baseball picks are as follows: Michelle - Bartolo Colon and Eric Hosmer Bones - Michael Clevinger and Paul Goldschmidt Corey - Zack Greinke and Jose Ramirez Carton - Clayton Kershaw and Freddie Freeman (G1)

  • August 9th: Football is back, Wrong Fleetwood, sports capitals (not New York), The Bob Polding Band, Jayson Werth shuns the Mets, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, and special guest Gabe Morency, open the show with enthusiasm for the real start of the NFL preseason, with a 12-game slate tonight. Some of the players the guys are excited to see tonight include Saquon Barkley, Baker Mayfield, DeShaun Watson, and Andrew Luck. Learning that pro golfer, Tommy Fleetwood, had his PGA winnings sent to the wrong Tommy Fleetwood, Carton asks the gang if they would keep money they received due to a technicality. Carton explains his depression that not only has Philadelphia and Boston become the epicenters of the sports world, but none of his crew came out last night to enjoy some BBQ with him. Looking at the former epicenter of sports, New York, Gabe thinks the Jets have the brightest future of all the New York teams.

    The second hour of the program begins with Carton and the gang talking about how the NCAA is trying to help elite level basketball prospects properly prepare for the NBA draft. LeBron James is taking Hollywood by storm, coming out with a Docu-series, Shut up and Dribble, as well as a game show, Million Dollar Mile; this gives the gang the right to question if he really is the King, though Gabe says Scott Engel is a bigger King. Michelle has the social update, looking at Browns rookie Antonio Callaway getting busted for gun possession.

    In the final hour of the show, Carton cites that the Mets organization is so bad, that free agent Jayson Werth said he called every MLB team to see if they needed his services, except for the Mets. Jersey Shore music legend Bob Polding and The Bob Polding Band come in studio to play their latest track, "Younger Me." Not to be out shined, Gabe shows off his own musical talents to Carton and Bob. Michelle updates the guys that Iggy Azalea is dating DeAndre Hopkins, and Carton trolls Corey by reminding him that Tony Romo dated Jessica Simpson. Later, Gabe gives out some of his favorite bets for the first night of the NFL Preseason.

    The gang makes their nightly baseball picks as follows: Carton - Corey Kulber and Didi Gregorious Michelle - Rick Porcello and Manny Machado Bones - JA Happ and Cody Bellinger Gabe - Justin Verlander and Mookie Betts

  • Yankees play for one game, Gabe in town, betting on Tiger, fattening burgers, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Michelle and Corey, and special guest Gabe Morency open the program talking about how Corey's most hated Yankee, Sonny Gray, saved the Yankees from a meltdown against the White Sox. Having Gabe in town has the gang comparing and contrasting New York to Gabe's hometown of Toronto. Corey argues that even though the Red Sox are up to 80 wins, they still need to go through the Bronx to win the World Series. Michelle's social update about Joakim Noah getting naked in the streets after buying an outfit has the gang asking Michelle her system for buying clothes.

    Carton and Friends, and Gabe, open the second hour of the program talking about the real ages of Dominican baseball players. While Carton questions Gabe how to properly bet on golf tournaments, Bob in Vermont calls in and gets his own 30 second opening. Michelle's social includes how 2 players in the same minor league baseball game hit for a cycle, making it in her words, a "bi-cycle." An argument arises over scoring in baseball picks after Chris Bones learns his pick of Bryce Harper played a doubleheader yesterday.

    In the final hour of the program, Carton and Friends talk about the Red Sox-Blue Jays series, specifically what the gang could enjoy while visiting the city of Toronto. Carton and the gang bring up the love life of Jay Cutler, who revealed his success for keeping his wife, reality star Kristin Cavallari, in a happy state; Gabe proves that Jay Cutler was the worst person to ever bet on in games. The gang questions if they could eat some of the most fattening and high-calorie burgers in the world.

    The gang makes their nightly baseball picks as follows: Michelle - Mike Fiers and Bryce Harper Carton - Luis Severino and Manny Machado Corey - Jose Quintana and Rhys Hoskins Bones - Chris Archer and Christain Yelich Gabe - Clayton Kershaw and Rougned Odor

  • Ohio State rallies for Urban Liar, a new Lynnsanity in New York, OBJ for Pay, and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the program with the gang exploiting the hypocrisy of the NCAA, noting how 13 North Carolina football players got suspended for selling sneakers. Meanwhile, a head coach at Ohio State still has a job, and a rallying support system, even though he lied about knowing one of his coaches was abusing his wife. Carton and Corey get in to Michael Kay firing shots at Yankees prospect Clint Frazier, who is trying to come back from concussion issues. Though not knocking Serena Williams for sharing her experience with postpartum, Carton says Serena does not relate to the average woman, and that people share too much. Carton says the Giants will more than likely get Odell Beckham Jr. his big pay contract, but should watch out for comments like Jarvis Landry saying he would love to play for the Browns; Corey says Giants fans should worry about OBJ staying out of TMZ more than his contract. Carton and Corey argue why Producer Chris Ventra is actually allowing Michelle to cornrow his hair.

    In the second hour of the program, Carton looks at the Saints and Rams cheerleading squads, questioning if the NFL really needs male cheerleaders. The gang gets in to why teams even have cheerleaders, and Carton says it's better to watch football at home than at the stadium. In honor of the NFL preseason getting underway, Carton holds a trivia challenge between Corey & Michelle, and Producers Chris Bones and Chris Bivona.

    In the final hour of the show, Carton reminisces about when he made a speech at the NFL Hall of Fame, and how he got under the skin of former Bills linebacker, Darryl Talley. Carton and Corey start some prep for the Carton Fantasy Football draft, and question the wagers that everyone in the league should put up. Carton brings up the fall of former pitcher, Esteban Loiza, who recently pleaded guilty for distributing cocaine. Speaking of cocaine, Carton explains why the Johnny Depp film, Blow, the story about former drug kingpin, George Jung, is not a favorite of his. The chat about Blow has the gang thinking it's time to organize a movie night with one question in mind; whose house will it be at?

    The gang makes their nightly fantasy baseball picks as follows: Corey - Max Scherzer and Nelson Cruz Carton - CC Sabathia and Javier Baez Bones - Carlos Carrasco and Bryce Harper Michelle - Dallas Keuchel and JD Martinez

  • August 6th: Yankees reality check, Urban Meyer apologizes, Ray Lewis dancing, baseball picks and more...

    Carton and Friends, Corey and Michelle, open the show giving Yankees fans a big reality check, that is, if the Red Sox didn't already do that this weekend; Yankees aren't winning the AL East and not going to the World Series this year. Carton and Corey argue if the Yankees can make it to 100 wins, and also understand they need to sweep the White Sox this week. Carton goes on to question why Ohio State needs two weeks to figure out what to do with Urban Meyer and how much he knew about Zach Smith's abuse. Michelle goes through the social media world, looking at how Colin Kaepernick's name is censored from a song in Madden '19, though Carton says "He's not in the NFL...he's not in the song." The gang finishes the first hour making sure Michelle knows she made a promise to a certain Jake the intern to show up to his frat house this fall, and we also learn the proper to way to make chicken parmesan, thanks to Bob in Vermont

    Carton and Friends open the second hour of the program talking about the issues surrounding Ohio State, and their handling of Urban Meyer. Carton and the gang go over some of their favorite songs about mothers, including, "Your Mama Don't Dance" "A Song for Mama" and now, Ray Lewis' Hall of Fame Speech. Corey says he will win the whole thing in the Carton fantasy Football League, but Carton questions his confidence, citing Corey's trash talk as a downfall. Michelle has the social updates, including how Le'Veon Bell is keeping himself busy while holding out of training camp, by coming out with a rap album. Speaking of NFL contracts, Corey questions what Odell Beckham will catch from the Giants, and if he will finally mature once he gets his money.

    Carton and Friends start the final hour of the show talking about how Ohio State has handled the Urban Meyer/Zach Smith situation poorly, and will reflect on the whole school of how they handle abuse. Over in the professional ranks, Carton thinks the next wave of great NFL quarterbacks will be lead by Sam Darnold, whom Carton says will be starting Week 1 for the Jets. Over to baseball, Carton calls the Yankees loss last night to the Red Sox the most disappointing of the sweep, and Corey understands, as a Yankee fan, it's time to look at winning the Wild Card. Carton tries to compare Yankees fans to Dodgers fans, but Corey shoots him down quickly. The gang finishes the show giving their night baseball picks as follows:

    Bones - Cole Hamels and Jose Altuve Carton - Didi Gregorious and Noah Syndergaard Corey - Charlie Morton and Gregory Polanco Michelle - Trevor Bauer and Giancarlo Stanton

  • Aug 3: Week 2 Baseball Pool Results!

    The show may be off but Chrissy Bones has your up to the second stats on our baseball pool! Remember this is the scoring:



    HIT -1

    RUN -10

    K 5


    WALK 5

    1B 10

    2B 15

    3B 20

    HR 30

    K -10

    And here are the results. I think you'll enjoy them.

    THU 08/02:

    Chrissy Bones: 106

    Scherzer 25-4-20+50 (51)

    Betts: 10+30+15 (55)

    Craig Carton: 73

    Mikolas: 30-7-20+30 (33)

    Harper: 10+10+30-10 (40)

    Michelle Serpico: 38

    Bumgarner: 20-7-10+25 (28)

    Rizzo: 10

    Corey Parson: 17

    Sabathia 5-3-20+10 (-8)

    Albies: 10+15 (25)


    1 CB: 21-7+86+106 (206)

    2 CC: 51+67-3+73 (188)

    3 CP: 61+71+20+17 (169)

    4 MS: 57+45-46+38 (94)

  • August 1: Joe Gibbs, Mets Get Destroyed, Trade Deadline Review

    New Yankees starter JA Happ has been quarantined from the team after contracting hand, foot, and mouth disease. This is the same disease that Mets starter Noah Syndergaard contracted over the All-Star Break. The Mets were pummeled by the Washington Nationals by a score of 25-4. This was the most lopsided loss in Met history, and the most runs scored in a single game by the Nationals in franchise history. Former Met Daniel Murphy led the charge for Washington, and Mets infielder Jose Reyes pitched one inning, giving up 6 runs. Starting pitcher Steven Matz was only able to get through ⅔ of an inning, allowing 7 runs. Tomorrow is the NFL Hall of Fame Game, which kicks off the NFL preseason. Former Redskins coach Joe Gibbs will introduce Bobby Beathard as he is inducted into the Hall of Fame. Gibbs joined the show today and discussed the Hall of Fame induction ceremony, his Super Bowl championships, and his NASCAR career. Corey and Craig gave Michelle advice on how to date professional athletes. LeBron James hosted an ESPY’s after party where Tristian Thompson punched Draymond Green. Thompson and Green had an on-court dispute during the NBA Finals that Thompson was still frustrated about, leading him to punch Green in the face. Former Jet receiver Eric Decker worked out with the Patriots this week after New England faced injuries and suspensions to some of their receivers. Corey and Craig discussed Dez Bryant and agreed that Bryant is far too talented to spend the year on the sideline, and some team will sign him before the season.  Intern Jake came on the show for his last week and gave the third hour update. Corey and Craig took a look at some of the over/under lines for NFL wins next season, including the Chargers, Jets, and Giants.

What's Good Wit Ya!

If you like betting on NFL win totals you may want to take my opinion on a few of these team lines courtesy of our friends at . Atlanta Falcons (9.5) - The Falcons are the best team in the NFC. I think they easily clear this number. Cleveland Browns (5.5) - A retooled Browns roster will win at least 7 games. This team hasn't been as bad as people think. K.C. Chiefs (8) - Andy Reid's Chiefs can be the best team in the AFC if young quarterback Patrick Mahomes is worth his salt. NY Giants (7) - This is the one that everyone is on. People think this is a lock. I say it's a push and would stay away. NY Jets (6.5) - This ain't the same Darn Old Jets. They will win at least 7 games. Playing in the weak AFC East will help.

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